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Ned of the Hill

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Éamonn an Chnoic, traditional Irish song, played on mountain dulcimer (McSpadden walnut ginger) C-G-C tuning
Janene Millen
06/05/18 06:41:18PM @janene-millen:

Thank you Mandy...appreciate that.

06/05/18 05:13:48PM @mandy:

Oh so good Janene! Love your style.  

Janene Millen
05/23/18 09:05:30AM @janene-millen:

Thanks so much Christine

Christine Shoemaker
05/22/18 08:28:54PM @christine-shoemaker:

Sooo lovely...as always with you, Janene!  angellic

Janene Millen
05/19/18 09:13:17AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Dusty...I'm addicted to Zyquil myselfnod .....do you play your dulcimer into the wee hours as I do when slumber seems impossible??sleepy

Dusty Turtle
05/19/18 02:57:06AM @dusty-turtle:

Another beautifully played and sung song.  I wish you could sing me to sleep, Janene. My insomnia would be cured.

Janene Millen
05/17/18 10:24:04AM @janene-millen:

Thank you @Ariane, @Rob-N-Lackey, @Irene, and @Elvensong.  Appreciate your listening so much and clearly you enjoy these beautiful melodies as I do.

I think the choice of songs is so important, otherwise I wouldn't enjoy trying to work them out on dulcimer so much...I have to LOVE something about them...and I listen to a lot of versions and find gorgeous renditions that inspire me to want do the song rather than be satisfied with just listening. I'd like to start a blog to give links to my favorite versions and some of the song backgrounds....learning how to blog has been slow-going though....


05/17/18 05:50:24AM @ariane:

@Janene - your playing and singing moves me to tears - very beautiful! flower

Rob N Lackey
05/17/18 05:45:14AM @rob-n-lackey:

Bravo.  Bravo   clap

A fantastic performance (as usual)

05/17/18 12:31:07AM @irene:

I just love how you play and sing!!!  Mr. Mitchel (who Joni was married to) lives over in Keokuk, Iowa where I go shopping.  Met him when we first moved to Nauvoo, Illinois.  he still plays very well and seems to have endless array of songs he sings with his guitar or banjo.  however, you are a captivating musician....I hope to see your face sometime in the videos you put up on this site.  Thank you for this haunting ballad.  aloha, irene

05/16/18 05:10:32PM @elvensong:

You play and sing beautifully, Janene. 

You find the best songs!