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Puddles of Sunshine

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:30
John & Karen Keane performing "Puddles of Sunshine" during Arkladulcifest 2016 at Congo Road Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.
Karen Keane
06/10/16 03:45:17PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Helen...we appreciate it!

John Keane
06/10/16 07:09:27AM @john-keane:

Aww Helen...thank you!

Helen Seiler
06/10/16 03:13:19AM @helen-seiler:

This is gorgeous guys...great job!!  clapperclapperI love the pink bigfoot shirts too.

Karen Keane
06/09/16 10:03:15PM @karen-keane:

Thanks you guys.  It was a fun song to work on and John did an awesome job with the flute part!

John Keane
06/09/16 10:02:46PM @john-keane:

Thanks so much!  We really enjoy the uke/flute combination.

Oliver Ogden
06/09/16 07:09:53AM @oliver-ogden:

very nice. I play the pan pipes/flute. It would make a interesting sound thanks again the two played together, the N.A. flute and the Pan Pipes,thanks again

John Keane
06/08/16 08:13:16AM @john-keane:

Irene, thank you!  We only very recently gave the baritone ukulele a try, but we are hooked on the sound as it relates to blending with Native American flute.  We have also discovered that ukes (both tenor and baritone) blend quite nicely with the mountain dulcimer.  Oh, the possibilities!

06/08/16 12:17:29AM @irene:

I loved this happy song and the way it was a conversation. each gave the other time in the song to express the best of the instruments and it was so upbeat.  I've been making two baritone ukuleles in my shop for a lady that talked me into it for her two grand children.  I said the LAST time when I finished a ukulele, "I'm not making any more ukuleles!!!".  but now FOR SURE I'm not making any more.  I can make a big floor harp in the same amount of time to make one ukulele.  hrumph.  but they do sound great when I'm done.  there are so many BEAUTIFUL ukuleles on line....get another B. ukulele.  they are the best sound. period.   

John Keane
06/07/16 10:08:22PM @john-keane:

Aw Terry...that's too bad.  The good news is that there are some inexpensive baritone ukes out there.

Terry Wilson
06/07/16 04:30:20PM @terry-wilson:

John Keane:

Thanks Terry!  When we first heard a baritone uke we knew that it just HAD to go with the flute!

I totally completely agree.  Great marriage.  

Horror story:  In a very weak moment. At a ukulele club meeting, I sold my baritone.  Stupid, dumb, mindless.

But I have played my Bm High Spirit at our uku jams, while the lucky lady and another play their baritones.  They agree both sound great together.

John Keane
06/07/16 02:25:11PM @john-keane:

Thanks Terry!  When we first heard a baritone uke we knew that it just HAD to go with the flute!

Terry Wilson
06/07/16 01:51:44PM @terry-wilson:

Great playing and certainly kind to the ear.  I love both of these instruments.  

Thanks for sharing!!

John Keane
06/07/16 08:39:40AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much!  Patty, I'm playing an e minor flute and Karen is playing a baritone ukulele in the key of G.  We appreciate y'all givin' it a listen!

Patty from Virginia
06/06/16 08:56:19PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks for sharing!!! You both do a great job as usualthumbsup. Please tell us your instruments and what key. Thanks!!!

Dusty Turtle
06/06/16 04:15:09PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice playing, both of you.  Thoroughly enjoyable.