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John Stenson's #2 on New LAP-JOs

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Duration: 00:02:31
In this video, John Keane and Karen Keane play a duet, using their matched pair of Folkcraft LAP-JO Pros, of the song "John Stenson's #2". The video was recorded as part of a live performance held on 7/9/2016 at the Folkcraft Instruments concert hall in Woodburn, Indiana.
John Keane
08/24/16 06:24:33AM @john-keane:

Thanks Maria!  Once we learn a tune that we like, we mess with it for a few days and try different approaches.  When we stumble upon enough ideas that we like we put them into a logical order and an arrangement is born.  I think we can probably play both parts on most things that we play.  Stenson's is a little different for us in that it is an arrangement of a tune.  Most of what we play/perform is original material.  On original tunes one of us will pretty much sketch out everything for both parts and then share with the other.  At that point the "non-composer" will add nuances and ideas to make it a collaborative effort.  When everything is said and done, both of us will usually have a pretty big footprint on the tune.

08/24/16 01:36:32AM @sleepingangel:


you guys are terrific. Quick question: how do you both decide who is going to play what? and can you both play each other's parts and switch it around if you want or do you stick to strict guidelines? or music?!!
just curious. and love how 'nync you are !!


John Keane
07/31/16 03:35:53PM @john-keane:

Thanks so much, Mary!

John Keane
07/28/16 07:53:39AM @john-keane:

Thanks y'all!  Dusty, I encountered a couple of your California buddies at KMW.  I told them to tell you "hello" from us, so now I'm checkin' up on them lol!

Dusty Turtle
07/27/16 11:54:20PM @dusty-turtle:

It's always great to watch you two play together.  Nice job.

Helen Seiler
07/27/16 08:22:18PM @helen-seiler:

Bravo clapperclapper

John Keane
07/24/16 07:37:01AM @john-keane:

Thanks Anne!

Anne Bowman
07/23/16 09:26:45AM @anne-bowman:


John Keane
07/23/16 06:58:55AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all a bunch!  Patty, we just don't worry about stuff like that until we have to.  Laugh

Brian G.
07/23/16 06:05:47AM @brian-g:

Very nice guys!

Patty from Virginia
07/22/16 10:03:35PM @patty-from-virginia:

Awesome as usual thumbsup I just want to know something. Are you all going to build an addition to your house so you can have a place for all those fine instruments? LOL happys

Terry Wilson
07/22/16 08:31:57PM @terry-wilson:

That was great, folks.  I love watching you two work together.  


Steven Berger
07/22/16 11:30:31AM @steven-berger:

Sounds good!



John Keane
07/22/16 10:53:46AM @john-keane:

Thanks Lexie!  The LAP-JO is a basically a banjo with a dulcimer fretboard, or a mountain dulcimer with a banjo pot...whichever way you want to look at it.  It plays no differently than a regular mountain dulcimer, but there is a HUGE volume difference!

John Keane
07/22/16 10:50:14AM @john-keane:

Thanks y'all!  These things are a hoot to play.  This was our first time to perform with the LAP-JOs.  Richard Ash recorded the video.

Lexie R Oakley
07/22/16 10:48:43AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really enjoyed watching you two play together, loved it!

Question; What are the differences between a Lap-Jo and banjo, other than seems you can choose to play a Lap-Jo like a banjo???

07/22/16 10:10:42AM @strumelia:

It's mesmerizing watching all your hands working in unison, and then not in unison, and then back again...  !

Kevin Burns
07/22/16 09:54:39AM @kevin-burns:

I Like it thumbsup