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To Drive the Cold Winter Away

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:05
Larry and Elaine perform a traditional English tune on mountain dulcimer and tongue drum.
02/08/17 03:29:20PM @sleepingangel:

I really can't stop watching this. I love it so much! The tongue drum goes so well with the dulcimer!!

So great. You guys need to make a recording of this and I will just put it on repeat on my ipod and maybe I will finally relax lol!!

Thank you!


Larry Conger
01/29/17 05:01:47PM @larry-conger:

This arrangement can be found on my website by clicking HERE or following the link below.

Larry Conger
01/29/17 04:58:25PM @larry-conger:

Patricia asked what tuning I am using.  It is DAD tuning.  I am playing in the key of Bm, which is the relative minor of the key of D.  In other words, anything you can play in D you can also play in Bm.

Elaine's Hapi drum is pitched in the key of D as well.  These drums are diatonic and can only be played in the keys they were designed.

patricia breen
01/29/17 04:14:39PM @patricia-breen:

so lovelywhat tuning are you using?much too advanced for me i think.

Robin Thompson
01/25/17 02:32:09PM @robin-thompson:

How pretty!  


Annie Deeley
01/22/17 09:30:56PM @annie-deeley:

Yes, chills up my spine, too. Thank you.

Gail Webber
01/22/17 05:44:10PM @gail-webber:

So beautiful and relaxing!

Dusty Turtle
01/20/17 12:10:27PM @dusty-turtle:

Quite pretty.

01/20/17 08:15:15AM @monica:

How lovely!

Jan Potts
01/20/17 04:01:07AM @jan-potts:

One of my favorite winter songs and you played it beautifully!  Love the harmony played on the tongue drum, Elaine!

01/20/17 01:16:05AM @marg:

Just wonderful, thank you

Marc Mathieu
01/18/17 10:50:52PM @marc-mathieu:

I'm totally relaxed now ... Fantastic performance Elaine & Larry !thumbsup

Kathy Ford
01/18/17 08:45:57PM @kathy-ford:


01/18/17 08:36:51PM @strumelia:

Oh my - that is just Heavenly.  It literally sent chills up my spine.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/18/17 06:53:38PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Steven Berger
01/18/17 06:23:16PM @steven-berger:

You both sound great!