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Hamish and Hélène

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:49
Hamish & Hélène is a song by Sebastiaan Poos (Nederlands). I am playing this song with my Epinettes des Vosges. Tuning dGDGDD. The shruti box makes a dronesound and the click sound is a wooden sidekick by Schlagwerk.
12/02/21 02:21:12PM @davisjames:

Great jig/march.I love the sound.I was in Freiburg a number of years ago and tried to find the German version of the epinette without  success.Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about[but I don't speak German perhaps that's why,laugh]...anyways I see the dulcimer store address there..thanks for that...I'll check it out.

06/10/21 10:52:20PM @marg:

Nice, I like the tone - lower & more mellow 


05/21/21 11:34:41AM @mandapanda:

Excellent! I'll have to learn more about the Shruti Box!

Martin Oesterle
05/21/21 07:25:39AM @martin-oesterle:

Thank you for all the nice comments. 
@Mandapanda: No this not a hardy-gury. It is a Shruti Box (India).

05/20/21 06:31:44PM @mandapanda:

De-light-ful!!! sun   Question: is that a hurdy-gurdy at your left foot?

05/20/21 06:00:38PM @bob:

Fantastic!!! hamstercatdancefrogjivehamster

Gordon Hardy
05/20/21 03:07:56PM @gordon-hardy:

Good stuff Martin!!

05/20/21 01:23:01PM @strumelia:

Martin, this is unbelievable.
I admire the musical things you do so much sun