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Pattyfest 2014 part 1

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Duration: 00:11:58
The 1st part of my set at Pattyfest 2014, Fairmont WV. Played on a Heatherwood dulcimer tuned DAd.Part 2 is at in the discussion in "Rockin' in the Free World."
jeffrey charles foster
11/29/14 11:51:22PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Nice job Rob if only I could play half that good I would be doing well


John Keane
06/15/14 10:59:11AM @john-keane: da man! Great stuff!

Patty from Virginia
06/12/14 06:33:37PM @patty-from-virginia:

I'm up for having a jam at my house but there's NOT going to be any Spam. Pattymelts yes, Spam NoGrin.gifMarion, I've seen that video before, LOL. BTW, there is a certain gentleman who is an FOTMD member that wrote a Spam song just for me. Now I'm forever connected to that so called potted meat, LOL. I would like to say one thing about PattyFest. It was lots of fun and it is worth attending. If you're not taking a workshop you can sit and listen to great performances and they go on all day long. Also, there were impromptu jams outside the auditorium. I absolutely recommend PattyFest. I'm glad I went. I've now added harmonica to my instrument collectionGrin.gif

Maryann Lang
06/12/14 12:32:36PM @maryann-lang:

If not then maybe I could have one on my front porch - that'll show my very noisy neighbors that you don't mess around with a former Jersey girl! (I'm sure they'd retaliate then I'd be in big trouble!) I'd serve pattymelts!Smile.gif

Ken Backer
06/12/14 11:17:49AM @ken-backer:
Perhaps Patty from Virginia will have a jam session at her home someday. I'll drive down because she will probebly serve spam sandwiches for lunch...
Maryann Lang
06/12/14 10:16:28AM @maryann-lang:

I love your playing Rob! Thanks for posting this!

I have to admit when I first saw Pattyfest" I thought it was Patty from Virginia inviting all of FOTMD over to her home for a jam session and how brave she was to do that! :-)

A "patty melt" around here is a cheese burger grilled between rye bread - my favorite burger to order out (now I am hungry!)

Jim Fawcett
06/12/14 05:54:06AM @jim-fawcett:


Marion Seaman
06/12/14 01:47:16AM @marion-seaman:
oh no! not the 'spam'thing again............heres a link to some highly original british spam nonsense regards Marion
Patty from Virginia
06/11/14 08:45:34PM @patty-from-virginia:

Who said I love Spam? Who?Grin.gif

Jim Fawcett
06/11/14 08:17:36PM @jim-fawcett:

Spam??!! Patty loves spam...

Jan Potts
06/11/14 06:03:12PM @jan-potts:

24.gif Oh, Ken!

Ken Backer
06/11/14 06:01:07PM @ken-backer:
Thanks, Rob. Being an isolated dulcimer player in southern Ontario makes me distant and unaware of the dulcimer world in the VA,Ky,NC part of the world. When I saw the word "Pattyfest" my mind went to pattymelt, which is like a tunamelt but with spam.
Rob N Lackey
06/11/14 11:34:03AM @rob-n-lackey:

Thanks, everybody, I had a great time doing both the concert and the workshop.

Ken... Pattyfest is an old time music festival dedicated to the late Patty Looman. She was the "apostle" of both the lap and hammered dulcimers in north central West Virginia. She taught a lot of people and was instrumental in keeping the tradition alive.

Actually, in the raw video, my head it there on most of it; don't know what happened in the translation to Youtube

Ken Backer
06/11/14 08:07:15AM @ken-backer:
Very good, Rob! Loved your playing and singing, especially the tribute to Stephen Foster. What is a Pattyfest?
Helen Seiler
06/11/14 05:27:57AM @helen-seiler:

I have marked this as a favourite to come back to when my download renews in a few days. But what I have watched is fabulous. Very smooth Rob, very smooth. Well done!

Robin Thompson
06/10/14 11:45:25AM @robin-thompson:
So fine, Rob! My especial favorite is your play and singing of Foster-- you have just the right voice for it.
Marion Seaman
06/10/14 04:19:06AM @marion-seaman:
wish i was there! great playing and singing - thanks Rob. looks like you had a great timeMarion
Gordon Hardy
06/09/14 09:59:52PM @gordon-hardy:

Indeed you have a gift Rob. I really appreciated your renditions of Soldiers Joy and Hard Times. Thank you so much.

Robin Thompson
06/09/14 11:18:36AM @robin-thompson:
Our internet is "metered" until midnight so I'm going to stay up late some night soon to watch, Rob. I'll just imagine your head is there; Jim knew we know you have a head. :D
Patty from Virginia
06/09/14 09:36:48AM @patty-from-virginia:

Rob, you did great!!! I'm glad Jim recorded it. You taught an excellent class too. It's good to know that one can do chords in DAA. Thank you!!!Smile.gif