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Location: Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales
Country: GB

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Boggy Mountain Boys

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Duration: 00:06:46
Saturday night get together in the woods above the Mawddach.
Maryann Lang
05/18/14 09:36:43AM @maryann-lang:

Looks like a great gathering, would love to experience something like this!

Helen Seiler
05/16/14 02:47:54AM @helen-seiler:

This is fantastic Robin, well done to you and the rest of theBoggy Mountain Boys. I wish I had been there. I would never have picked that it wasn't filmed in the US.

Steve Battarbee
05/13/14 02:45:17AM @steve-battarbee:

That looks one of the 'Why can't every day be like this sort of days'! and I think, days like those, are the reason why most of us want to pick up an instrument and play

Karen Keane
05/12/14 06:06:11PM @karen-keane:
Well that was just too much fun. That's what music should be...FUN! Loved it!
Robin Thompson
05/11/14 08:29:16PM @robin-thompson:
Robin, I send all good wishes for your day tomorrow! It looks as though you are in for a truly unique experience. . .
Robin Clark
05/11/14 07:47:11PM @robin-clark:

Hi Dusty,

I was at a dinner party tonight where we were discussing just how much this small area where we live (between the Mawddach and Dyfi estuaries) has aspects within it of so many different parts of the world depending on the season. We have a little bit of everything from Africa to the Artic Smile.gif Tomorrow I'm working as a volunteer for Odyssey (a cancer rehab charity) in an old Victorian slate quarry that has now been classified as temperate rain forest !!!! Odyssey is something quite special - I can't say too much about whatOdyssey doesbut here is an insight into the programme:

The environment where I live is very special - both the past and present are wrapped up together and we must have one of the broadest ranges of landscape and ecological variety in world in such a small area.

And Yes it was me on dobro on Lost Highway9.gif

I'm not a fast or flashy dobro player, I quite like the Brother Ozwald style of using slants and tremolo rather than the more modern styles106.gif

Dusty Turtle
05/11/14 01:14:39PM @dusty-turtle:

Robin, that looks like one load of fun right there. And truth be told, I could see no evidence anywhere (in the scenery, music, accents, or anything) that you were in Wales and not some hollow in Appalachia.

I particularly like the short dobro part on Lost Highway. Was that you? It is too dark by then to see who is playing what.

05/10/14 02:30:32PM @phil:


Rick Kennedy
05/10/14 12:28:17PM @rick-kennedy:

I was thinking the same thing--that the Appalachian music fits so well, kind of in a "comes full circle" wayGrin.gif , a Transatlantic round trip!

Robin Clark
05/10/14 11:59:44AM @robin-clark:

Thanks everyone Grin.gif

It was Heath's birthday party - he runs Firefox Bushcraft - and he asked if we would bring some instruments along and play a few tunes. I LOVE playing outdoors and un-amplified. Even when we play local indoor gigs we always just use one mic' and play acoustically around it, the old way bluegrass used to be played. We are not a great band (more of a 'care in the community' project109.gif ) but we do have a LOT of fun. It looks like I managed to play mandolin, dobro, harmonica and banjo that night LOL!!!!! Heath recorded everything on his phone and then edited and upload the video. The sounds not great (it must have automatic levels or similar that compresses the peaks so the balance is dominated by the loudest sound rather than the natural dynamics) but it is good enough.

And - yes we are in a Welsh wood above the Mawddach Estuary on the slopes of Cadair Idris. From the landscape and environment around here you can possibly see why Appalachian music fits so well - it just seems like natural music to play Smile.gif

Kevin Messenger
05/10/14 11:06:19AM @kevin-messenger:

I agree with Robin T. you guys have got that Appalachian sound down. Great job ,will be waiting for more.


Patty from Virginia
05/10/14 09:34:06AM @patty-from-virginia:

Rob, LOL. Yes, it was. Nothing like playing music in the great outdoors. Something that needs to happen more often. And I am looking forward to Wartz!Smile.gif

Rob N Lackey
05/10/14 08:55:56AM @rob-n-lackey:

Well, Robin, I enjoyed that, particularly the dobro! I'm hoping for you're sake that Patty's comment about Wartz, etc was intended as a compliment! lol

Robin Thompson
05/10/14 12:35:26AM @robin-thompson:

Robin, are y'all really in woods above the Mawddach? Looks and sounds like you might be here in SEOhio someplace! :) Outdoors music is tops-- thanks for letting us in on the fun.

Rick Kennedy
05/10/14 12:07:51AM @rick-kennedy:

Great to see/hear you in action this way, Robin!41.gif

Benjamin W Barr Jr
05/09/14 10:24:51PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Looks like great fun. I've been to one or two of these types of hoe-downs.

Ken Longfield
05/09/14 10:16:20PM @ken-longfield:

And a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing this Robin.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Patty from Virginia
05/09/14 10:12:17PM @patty-from-virginia:

Sounds like you all had a great time. Great music for sure and you can't beat thatSmile.gif Reminds me of Cooper's Rock and WartzSmile.gif

Ken Backer
05/09/14 09:19:51PM @ken-backer:

Great job of singin' and pickin', you Boggy Mountain Boys! And "Yahooo" to your little gal clog-dancers. My kind of music. So glad to see this posted here.113.gif

John Keane
05/09/14 08:42:39PM @john-keane:

Fun stuff!