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Ridin' The Zigzag & Wobble Railroad on lap dulcimer played in noter/drone style and guitar

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Duration: 00:01:43
Decades ago, the Zanesville & Wheeling Railroad ran into our part of Perry County. Local folks nicknamed it "The Zigzag and Wobble". We've come up with this little tune and named it after the rail line.I'm playing a Timbre Hill lap dulcimer tuned to DAG and Mark is playing a Larrivee 000-60 in Drop D tuning.
Robin Thompson
02/15/14 07:49:37PM @robin-thompson:
Hi, Helen--Please feel free to play the tune! We're happy you like it well enough to want to play it. :)
Helen Seiler
02/15/14 07:36:10PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Robin, would you mind if I had a go at a version of this tune.....I still love it to bits every time I watchit.

Robin Thompson
12/11/13 10:02:53AM @robin-thompson:
Helen, :)It's a tune we still play and enjoy.Thank you for liking our little tune enough to listen again!
Helen Seiler
12/10/13 04:57:54PM @helen-seiler:

Hey Robin, I was playing a few of my favourite videos this morning. This one is a ripper (terrific). I thought some of the newer players might like to see it. It sure made my day!

Helen Seiler
01/11/13 08:48:48PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks so much Robin. That is brilliant. Helen
Robin Thompson
01/11/13 08:25:55PM @robin-thompson:

Helen, please feel free to play any of our tunes in Australia! Smile.gif We'd be honored!

PS-Notes on my YouTube page indicate the little tunes we came up with have been placed in the public domain.

Helen Seiler
01/11/13 08:11:31PM @helen-seiler:
Permission PLEASE, to poach your GREAT tune and possibly murder it with my playing over here in Australia? Helen
Robin Thompson
01/11/13 06:31:51PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, Nila and Helen, we appreciate your taking the time to listen to our little tune and comment! It is fun making up a tune and putting together the duet.

Helen Seiler
01/11/13 03:51:47PM @helen-seiler:
I love this. A great tune played great. Thanks for posting.
Robin Thompson
11/24/12 07:45:09PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks a bunch, Scott, we have fun playing this tune!

Scott Rhodes
11/24/12 05:14:12PM @scott-rhodes:

Great playin there. Smoooooth as butter.

Robin Thompson
11/23/12 08:17:20PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, train fans Lois & Gayle! Smile.gif Lois, if you happen to learn where CSandburg came up with the name, please share it here!

Gayle Maurer
11/23/12 01:06:38PM @gayle-maurer:
My husband and I are both rail fans. That was a lot of fun!
Lois Sprengnether Keel
11/23/12 11:17:30AM @lois-sprengnether-keel:

Hey Robin,

I'm a railfan, too. Even got married on a train. I understand this is the local nickname, but it made me think of the Carl Sandburg story that opens Rootabaga Stories about the Zigzag Railroad. Can't help but wonder where he picked up the name.

Robin Thompson
11/23/12 11:04:18AM @robin-thompson:

John P, Mark and I got a good laugh from those railway nicknames! And thank you for your kind comment about the tune.

john p
11/23/12 11:00:25AM @john-p:

Great little tune Robin and some lovely smooth noter work there.

Good title too, I like these old nicknames for local railways. I've lived near a couple, the Canterbury and Whitstable (C&W) line, always known as the Crab & Winkle and the Somerset & Dorset (S&D) line known as the Slow & Dirty Smile.gif


Robin Thompson
11/23/12 10:24:30AM @robin-thompson:
Patty, we're tickled if anybody finds our tunes fun to listen to! :)
Patty from Virginia
11/23/12 09:20:57AM @patty-from-virginia:

I had to come back and listen to this againSmile.gif . Wonderful tune.

Robin Thompson
11/22/12 08:32:14PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, friends!

I've got to tell you it's a fun to be running the noter along and hear Mark playing that nice low back-up! (You all understand the joy of making music at home.)

Randy, it's trial and error to learn what tunes we really mesh on and what ones we don't. As you might imagine, it's easier for Mark to work around what I do than it is for me to work around what he does. When he retired he wanted to be a guitar bum-- and he's getting really good at being a guitar bum. LOL I'm a lucky girl. :)

Randy Adams
11/22/12 04:22:08PM @randy-adams:

Another good tune Robin. You're on a roll! Likeitlotsnlots. Mark sure does know how to play the guitar with a n/d dulcimer. Love them chords & partial chords he uses on your tunes. You've mentioned he's your fav guitar player....he's fast becoming my fav too! Glad you made a vid of this one ...I must be a visual kind of guy....