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"Texas" banjo tune

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Duration: 00:02:35
I learned this version of "Texas" from Dwight Diller of West Virginia, my first banjo teacher. I believe Dwight learned it from Henry Reed of Virginia. I'm playing it in G, 'sawmill' tuning on my 1998 Ramsey Chanterelle banjo.
02/24/13 07:07:03AM @strumelia:

Hey thanks so much Robin and Bobby.

Robin Thompson
02/23/13 11:02:20PM @robin-thompson:
Oh, yeah. :) Nice and easy feel-- just right for this time of night.
Parker Buckley
02/01/12 09:00:01PM @parker-buckley:

I just came across this today, and love it! My interest in learning old-time banjo is steadily overtaking my logical mind that is telling me to stick with the dulcimer.

Sue Simms
01/10/12 09:50:49AM @sue-simms:

Love this girl ! Grin.gif

12/06/11 12:36:03PM @foggers:

Lisa that is great! I am still enjoying learning from my Dwight Diller DVDs; I am gonna have to learn this tune next I think. You have a lovely steady ryhthm going there, which just allows the melody to float along like leaves on a stream....

Dusty Turtle
12/03/11 12:19:05AM @dusty-turtle:

Well I can't tell how calm and cool you are inside, but you definitely play with a patient and relaxed confidence. And I agree with Randy about the tone you get. Good stuff.

12/02/11 06:39:47PM @strumelia:

Cool calm collected...ok yeah...actually I'm a nervous wreck when the camera is on. lol! Trying to keep my mind on the tune and not on the creepy electronic eye staring at me, so I don't flub up and have to re-do it...I'm less nervous playing in front of real people than a camera. I try hard to ignore the usual recording jitters, I guess many of us share that same recording anxiety, huh? Well enough of that...

Thanks Randy, this was the first banjo I ever bought 13 years ago- one of Mike Ramsey's more modest models really, but I've always loved its intimate 'papery' tone- it's still a favorite to grab when I want to play.

Working on the piggy gourd too...but that'll take a little more time to get comfy on. Brian just ordered a new heavier set of strings for his spare fiddle so that it'll play with better tension down in F, to play with me on my piggy gourd banjo in F. Oy, always some new musical challenge to solve!

Randy Adams
12/02/11 06:11:25PM @randy-adams:

Oh yeah.....calm, cool & get the great tone outa that banjo....and what a beautiful banjo it is. Thx for letting us get a glimpse of your playing & personality. You taking requests now?.... : )....I'd sure like to hear you get jiggy with the piggy?

12/02/11 02:16:44PM @beth-hansen:

That was great! Thanks for posting it, it's fun to see you with your banjo.

Robin Clark
12/02/11 03:34:48AM @robin-clark:

Hi Lisa, That's lovely playing Grin.gif

I love the way your style uses hammer-ons, bends and pull-offs - it just makes it sound so expressive.

Well done - that's really cool 77.gif77.gif77.gif


BJ Jordan
12/01/11 10:23:03AM @betty-bj-jordan:

I just loved this. I gave up on the banjo, traded it for another dulcimer but still love banjo just the same. You sound bluezzy mixed with a little toe tap there. Loved it.


11/30/11 11:34:42PM @strumelia:

Thanks everyone.

John Henry, you gave away your banjo...??

Wayne, that painting was one I grew up with- a bohemian woman painter friend of my mother's painted it around 1960 in Greenwich Village, so that makes it around 50 yrs old now. I have several others from two painters back then in the village...I grew up surrounded by I like that pink one in my office because it's peaceful.

John Henry
11/30/11 07:55:57PM @john-henry:
I wish you'all would stop posting this banjo stuff, makes me wish that I had'nt given mine away !JohnH
John Keane
11/30/11 07:17:46PM @john-keane:

Love it! The title says "Texas", but those bends say "Delta Blues" to me. Just a really nice job!

Brian G.
11/30/11 06:55:47PM @brian-g:
Very nice!