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Hoodie Experiment

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:46
Original Noter Style Dulcimer
Charles Thomas
11/16/18 08:55:28PM @charles-thomas:

Thanks Lisa!! It was just a happy accident. Someone once said "There is no right or wrong way to play the Dulcimer" !

11/16/18 06:55:02PM @strumelia:

How cool is this?  coool

Charles Thomas
11/13/18 06:39:24PM @charles-thomas:

Great idea Davesterino! I just might try that! Thanks for listening!

11/10/18 06:07:23PM @davesterino:

Very nice! I couldn't help but think that the other one, swinging there close to the fretting hand, might make a good noter! nod

Charles Thomas
11/10/18 12:58:55AM @charles-thomas:

I was practicing and the metal tipped drawstring of my hoodie brushed against the strings and it sounded kind of cool, so I went with it.