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Cluck old hen . Die Ziegenklopfer at the Dulcimershop

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:51
Die Ziegenklopfer spielen im Dulcimershop Ludwigsburg "Cluck Old Hen".
In diesem Video ist zum ersten Mal der neue exklusive Dulcimus E-Bass zu sehen und zu hören! Ein Long Scale Bass aus Mahagoni, zwei Oktaven (eine Oktave bundiert, die zweite Oktave fretless), Griffbrett aus Ziricote, Häussel Cultom Humbucker, 3 Saiten DAD.
Sonstige Instrumentierung: Dulcimer ( Dulcimer Konzertdulcimer ), Cajon, Big Bass, Waschbrett, Djembe.
BJ Jordan
11/18/23 02:53:46PM @betty-bj-jordan:

I've gone back and watched and listened to this several times. I like it more each time. So much fun. You guys did a great job. It makes you happy. Keep it up!!!


Betty Jordan

Martin Oesterle
05/03/19 06:05:09AM @martin-oesterle:

Oh Thank you Irene, PH, Steve and Chris for the comments! smiler

05/02/19 11:29:09PM @irene:

OVER THE TOP FUN!!!!!!!!! and then that old hen comes across the screen....still smiling.  thanks loads for having such a fun time on this video....still smiling.  aloha, irene

05/02/19 09:50:05PM @harmonybc:

That was such a fun listen!  Thanks guys 😊

Steve Battarbee
04/18/19 03:57:14AM @steve-battarbee:

Rockin’ it!!🔥


chris hornby
04/12/19 06:16:22PM @chris-hornby:

Ausgezeichnet, vielen dank

Martin Oesterle
04/05/19 02:52:00AM @martin-oesterle:

Many Thanks Terry and Diane for the great comments!happys

Diane R
04/04/19 05:28:05PM @diane-r:

OH MY GOSH!  You guys are GREAT!  Love it so much!  jive

Terry Wilson
04/02/19 03:39:35PM @terry-wilson:

GREAT!!!  Triple wow wow wow.  I love it!  Gosh darn that brought smiles all around.

Many thanks.



Martin Oesterle
03/29/19 03:47:22AM @martin-oesterle:

Thank you Jan. Yes - this is true. The drums are "heavy". So i had to use my PickUp an a amplifier. We experiment here with many songs. For this sond we decided to do more "punch".

Jan Potts
03/26/19 01:07:09PM @jan-potts:

You are having so much fun and it sounds great!  You have an instant party when you all get together!

I like the use of drums with this, but they make it harder for other instruments to be heard.

Thanks for sharing this with us!  

Martin Oesterle
03/25/19 12:42:34PM @martin-oesterle:

Oh  - Thank you Steven, Bob, Dan and Judith for your compliments.

03/25/19 11:07:09AM @judith:


03/24/19 06:44:40PM @dan:

Just WOW!

03/24/19 06:34:24PM @bob:

What a FUN video!! That struttin' old hen was perfecthamster

Steven Berger
03/24/19 06:30:47PM @steven-berger:

This video is way cool, Martin! Thank you all for for doing this!

Martin Oesterle
03/24/19 06:21:10PM @martin-oesterle:

Wow - thank you Salt-Springs!

Salt Springs
03/24/19 05:44:44PM @salt-springs:

The best......and that 2 octave bass really is amazing!!!!!