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Country: US

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I Am a Pilgrim

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Rob N Lackey
11/16/14 04:12:31PM @rob-n-lackey:

Thanks Paul and/or Judy. Sam... Good to see you on here some. Actually the hat is old; I've had it on a hat stretcher for about 8 months to try to make it fit my swelled head. I thank you very much.

11/16/14 10:27:02AM @sam:

I think the new hat had a lot to do with it. :) Just kiddin' Rob. You are an awesome talent and ambassador for the dulcimer. I think your voice has improved as well. Both are rich and smooth in this vid.

Paul & Judy Hay
11/13/14 03:17:53PM @paul-judy-hay:


Rob N Lackey
11/13/14 05:38:17AM @rob-n-lackey:

Wow, I'm humbled by y'all's comments, and I truly thank you very much for each & every one of them.


Helen Seiler
11/13/14 03:58:55AM @helen-seiler:

This is great Rob, I felt like I was there in the audience......I especially loved the big finish. Great stuff!

Greg Patterson
11/12/14 09:30:19PM @greg-patterson:

A pleasure to listen to!

Ken Backer
11/11/14 08:44:07AM @ken-backer:

Great playing and singing, Rob. I really enjoyed this. You have a real nice baritone voice and a fine pickin' style.Grin.gif We hope to pass through Hindman in our travels next summer.

John Keane
11/11/14 06:07:13AM @john-keane:

Awesome job, Rob!

Gordon Hardy
11/10/14 03:02:49PM @gordon-hardy:

Great picking and singing Rob. You made a classic even classier!

Tom McDonald
11/10/14 01:47:46PM @tom-mcdonald:

Very nice! I'm hoping to make more music weekend events in 2015. Hope to catch you in person before long.

Dusty Turtle
11/10/14 12:13:17PM @dusty-turtle:

That's really great, Rob. I used to play a mediocre version of this on the guitar, trying (and failing) to copy Chet Atkins. But your fingerpicking here is inspirational. I may have to give it a go on the dulcimer, too. I don't think I can get that last vocal note, though. What a bass you have!

Robin Thompson
11/10/14 11:07:49AM @robin-thompson:
Nicely played and sung, Rob! Would love to have heard this in-person!Maybe my Rockwell small KY hourglass is a little sister to your dulcimer. :)
Guy Babusek
11/10/14 10:45:55AM @guy-babusek:

That was excellent, Rob!

Gail Webber
11/10/14 09:56:18AM @gail-webber:

That was really nice, Rob!

Cynthia Wigington
11/10/14 09:46:33AM @cynthia-wigington:
I first heard this on the Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo record when it came out. What a joy to hear you being the whole band. Love to hear you sing.
Michael Ebersohl
11/10/14 08:34:01AM @michael-ebersohl:
Well done!
Patty from Virginia
11/10/14 08:15:38AM @patty-from-virginia:

Rob, that is excellent!!! Thanks for giving me some joy this morning!!!Smile.gif

Brian G.
11/10/14 06:25:10AM @brian-g:

Very nice Rob! Wish I could've seen it in person. :)