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Cuckoo noter/drone

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:06:02
The cuckoo played on a Keith Young dulcimer tuned DAdc. Another noter/drone piece just because it sounds good that way.
Rob N Lackey
05/17/18 04:05:45PM @rob-n-lackey:
Well, Bill, that's great. I'm always glad to be of help!
Lisa, Thank you for watching. I had no idea what the bridge tail pin arrangement was called.

05/17/18 03:47:20PM @strumelia:

@dusty-turtle ...Keith used to call that his 'floating bridge' as i recall.  Mine has it as well.

@rob-n-lackey ...this recording is so delightful!

05/17/18 10:43:04AM @billhenry:

Very nice song, instrumentally and vocally Rob.  Just discovering the M/D and since my wife just walked through the room and said, "It's got a really nice sound."  I think you have just helped me to get one of my own.



04/05/18 03:55:43AM @ariane:

I like your playing and singing so much - and especially the way you look into the camera smile

Patty from Virginia
03/17/18 10:52:57AM @patty-from-virginia:

Wonderful!!! And I'm glad you are using a noter happys

03/05/18 09:21:59AM @macaodha:

It sure does sound good.

Brian G.
03/04/18 08:15:10PM @brian-g:

What a great version of this tune, Rob!  Love it.  Thanks so much for sharing it.  :)

Steven Berger
03/03/18 11:09:21PM @steven-berger:

Great rendition of this song!

03/03/18 05:13:21AM @sam:

Another great job playing and singing Rob!

Dusty Turtle
03/02/18 11:37:47AM @dusty-turtle:

Rob N Lackey: Dusty.... I stole most of mine from Townes Van Zant.  . . . Good eye on the tail and the board.  The strings wrap under and then back over the bridge.  They are a pain in the butt to put on unless you have a 3rd hand.

So I guess you need both Pancho and Lefty to get strings on that baby!  ROTFL

Rob N Lackey
03/02/18 05:14:51AM @rob-n-lackey:

Thanks Jim, Irene, Terry, & Robin

Dusty.... yeah, this is a great old time tune that lends itself to differing ways.  I stole most of mine from Townes Van Zant.  A lot of folks think he was just a writer (and he was a great one) but he did some "folk" songs as well.  Good eye on the tail and the board.  The strings wrap under and then back over the bridge.  They are a pain in the butt to put on unless you have a 3rd hand.

Well, Cynthia, a choo choo, eh?  Well, I guess that's how a gambler would travel: in the coach when he won; in a boxcar when he lost.  


Cynthia Wigington
03/01/18 06:10:41PM @cynthia-wigington:

This sounds so awesome, I can just see a steam train steaming up and down mountains...


Dusty Turtle
03/01/18 12:58:24AM @dusty-turtle:

It does indeed sound good that way! The tune is almost hypnotic, and you keep the rhythm charging forward.  Nice playing, Rob.

I've always been struck by how versatile this tune is.  After all, both Jean Ritchie and Taj Mahal do great--but very different-versions of it.  And check out this a cappella version .

That Keith Young sounds really good. Is the end of the tailpiece lifted up off the soundboard or is that an optical illusion?  

Robin Thompson
02/28/18 11:08:09PM @robin-thompson:

That's a cool noter/drone song, Rob!  

terry ritchey
02/28/18 08:40:21AM @wiseraven2000:

awesome playing and singing i wish i was that good

02/28/18 12:14:27AM @irene:

another cool video.  You must be remodeling this house.  thanks again, aloha, irene

Jim Fawcett
02/27/18 09:08:17PM @jim-fawcett:

Great job on this song, Rob.