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Coleman's March - Mountain Dulcimer - DAA Tuning - 19 March 12

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Duration: 00:03:22
This pretty little old time tune is Coleman's March. I'm playing it on a cherry McSpadden mountain dulcimer in a traditional noter and drone style using a wo...
04/03/18 03:02:24AM @ariane:

It sounds so beautiful and it is great to see how you are playing it.

01/02/17 09:45:28PM @irene:

That's a happy march I'd not heard before and went to "everything dulcimer" in the song section and didn't see it there. I'll have to listen to this more then a few times to learn it.  Thanks for posting is while ago.  I'm not the only one it seems that went to look at your videos.  aloha, irene

01/02/17 09:19:51PM @bob:

I really like your performance! Its a great tune, a favorite of mine, and I am so happy to hear it being played my someone as good as you!

James Phillips
03/12/13 07:01:10PM @james-phillips:

Thank you for sharing this Robin. Really enjoy this a lotSmile.gif

Peter W.
07/19/12 12:34:14PM @peter-w:

Great playing, Robin - even though it's an "old tune" you play it very rhythmical and it sounds quite up-to-date to my taste!

Karen Keane
03/20/12 08:25:42PM @karen-keane:

Great job Robin and the camera angle was excellent as well.Grin.gif

Robin Clark
03/20/12 08:10:58AM @robin-clark:

Thanks everyone Grin.gif

I took that version of the tune from Pete Cooper's 'American Old Time Fiddle Tunes'. He is quite a lyrical fiddler and there is a certain Celtic lilt to his playing - I have heard a couple of "squarer" versions played on banjo and I may have ago at one of those sometime. I read someone's comment that this tunes needs to be played as a march at marching pace - too fast or too slow and you kill it Frown.gif . So I set my versions at a parade square march time (think of left..left...left, right, left).

Dusty - I watch and listen toyou play and folks like Brian G, Mark Gilston, Val Hughes and many other chord melody playersand realise just how much more work I need to put in to stand a chance of coming close to an equilavent level of musicianship when I play innoter and drone style. The mountain dulcimer is a VERY different instrument when played in each style - and I feel I'm really just at the early stages of learning noter and drone.

Don't let anyone tell you that playing with a noter is easy!!!!! Sometime 'simple' tunes like Amazing Grace, which work up really pretty in chord melody are a nightmare to get sounding sweet in noter and drone 102.gif In fact, that is one tune thatI sort of need to play a little "crooked"and 2/4 time sounding like a chapelcongregation of the 1800sto get it sounding 'right' in noter and drone. If I try and play it in the contempory, lyrical 3/4 way it really sounds like there are chord changes missing - ouch 107.gif

Sam - That cherry standard McSpadden is a real workhorse of an instrument. It is not the prettiest or most fancy of dulcimers but it is a great musician's tool. It takes a very wide variety of tunings and has both a ringing top and plenty of growl in the basement.

Brian G.
03/20/12 07:29:24AM @brian-g:

Very beautiful! I really enjoyed that.

John Henry
03/20/12 06:08:43AM @john-henry:

Have always liked this one Robin, thanks for posting !


Macy Jayne
03/19/12 10:44:55PM @macy-jayne:

What a pretty song!

John Keane
03/19/12 09:21:39PM @john-keane:


Dusty Turtle
03/19/12 03:13:26PM @dusty-turtle:

Excellent playing, Robin. Your steady right hand and soft yet precise facility with the noter are on solid display in this video. Very pretty rendition.

03/19/12 03:10:10PM @sam:

Such a pretty tune and played so well. I really enjoyed your playing and the rich tones of your McSpadden.