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Liza Jane- played on Appalachian dulcimer in noter/drone style & guitar

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:00:53
This Appalachian dulcimer was built by the late- A.W. Jeffreys; I played with quill & noter.
Here's one of the Liza Jane tunes floating around. Mark & I played the tune once because the recording was made for a Facebook group where it's requested a tune only be played through once. :)
Robin Thompson
09/08/15 09:30:24AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Steve!  

The Facebook TUNE OF THE WEEK group asks a tune be played through just once.  So, we stopped after a single pass. 

Steve Battarbee
09/07/15 05:48:47PM @steve-battarbee:

Real nice to hear you guys posting again but I was just getting my toes tapping when it was over

Robin Thompson
09/06/15 09:27:01PM @robin-thompson:

Paul, thank you for listening!  Liza Jane's a fun tune. 

Paul Killian
09/05/15 09:05:57PM @paul-killian:

This is great. I love listen to y'all. 

Robin Thompson
09/05/15 08:49:38AM @robin-thompson:

Val, thank you!  There is a rich dulcimer tradition in Ohio yet it is not as old and well-documented as traditions in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  

09/03/15 02:23:38PM @macaodha:

Very nice Robin, lovely authentic sound to your music. Is there a history of Dulcimer in Ohio?

Robin Thompson
09/03/15 07:13:00AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Helen!  

So good to see you back!  

Helen Seiler
09/01/15 04:39:30AM @helen-seiler:

Great stuff Robin. Boy you're slick with a noter and quill. You guys always sound great.

Robin Thompson
08/31/15 09:34:10PM @robin-thompson:

Again, thank you so much, friends!  

Janene, I bet you take right to using a quill! 

Liza Jane (whichever Liza tune you chose) was in a Tune of the Week challenge on Facebook.  It would be fun to do a Liza thread in Call the Tune if it's not been called already. 


08/31/15 03:11:02PM @sam:

Nice but I too wish it were longer. You both did such a terriffic job on this. 

Bob Reinsel
08/31/15 12:22:50PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks Robin, sounds great.  I think I'll get my son started on that!  We've been looking for a new tune for him.

Janene Millen
08/31/15 10:40:48AM @janene-millen:

Robin,  too short and you guys make it look so easy....and I bought some turkey feathers...need to learn more about the quill!  Loved it.

I even love that your video isn't cropped and we get to see how easily you sit down and just start playing!  A brief interlude in your day.

Robin Thompson
08/31/15 09:29:46AM @robin-thompson:

The guitar player keeps me in line-- not an easy task! :)

Thank you for the nice comments, folks!  We're glad you enjoyed this very short video.  We might've made it worse had we played longer. ;)

Kevin Messenger
08/30/15 09:41:36PM @kevin-messenger:

Very nice Robin you play so well. And your guitar player ain't half bad either.


Patty from Virginia
08/30/15 06:36:09PM @patty-from-virginia:


Gordon Hardy
08/30/15 05:01:44PM @gordon-hardy:

Great strumming Robin and Mark. Wish it was longer.

Robin Thompson
08/30/15 04:22:36PM @robin-thompson:

Golly, y'all are so nice!  

This Jeffreys dulcimer arrived at my house several days ago but I neither saw it nor played it until yesterday.  I fashioned a strap from 2 boot laces and strummed with a quill-- a quill makes for a very fast plectrum.  

I tuned the instrument to CGG.

Thanks for listening, friends.  Mark and I haven't gotten to play together very much over the past several months; I now realize I took us getting to play together for granted. 

John Keane
08/30/15 03:40:13PM @john-keane:

Great job you two!

Leonard Griffin
08/30/15 02:43:27PM @leonard-griffin:

Thanks fo that tune, could of heard more of that. Really missed hearing your music.

Lexie R Oakley
08/30/15 02:14:56PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Love seeing your Jefferies again, looks very much like mine. Love seeing you strum it, like this song.