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The Minstrel Boy

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Duration: 00:02:07
Sound check of my newly made Dulcimer.
03/28/17 11:44:19AM @bob:

Thank you Mary and Strumelia!

Mary MacGowan
03/28/17 10:30:04AM @mary-macgowan:

Great sound, lively playing!

03/27/17 11:34:15AM @strumelia:

That dulcimer sounds wonderful Bob- nice rich tone.  ...and very fine playing on your part!

03/27/17 09:20:21AM @bob:

Thanks Steven and Brian! It is a great song and enjoyable to play.

I re-arranged the strings on this dulcimer- having the originally planned double melody string required too much pressure to make the notes (particularly the second 'c') , so I moved the fifth string to compliment the base string.  It seems to work better.

Brian G.
03/27/17 07:38:41AM @brian-g:

Always loved this tune. Very nice Bob!

Steven Berger
03/26/17 07:37:09PM @steven-berger:

Nice sounding dulcimer, Bob! Good balance on the drones and the melody strings.