Location: Surry County, North Carolina
Country: US

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A trip to the new Mountain Home

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Duration: 00:01:05
Visiting this beautiful place in Mount Airy, N.C.
06/12/20 04:26:21PM @bob:


A new adventure, I'm happy for you

Thanks Marg!

06/12/20 11:53:31AM @marg:

A new adventure, I'm happy for you

Cindy Stammich
05/06/20 09:54:18PM @cindy-stammich:

This sure looks like a little piece of heaven here on earth!

Congratulations..... and that dulcimer playing was the perfect added touch!

Richard Streib
05/06/20 06:59:06PM @richard-streib:

So happy for you. Welcome to NC. It's great having you bring your awesome talent to NC.

05/05/20 04:57:42PM @bob:

Thanks @john-c-knopf , @strumelia and @irene

It's beautiful 4.7 acres with woods, meadow, a lawn and a wonderful mountain stream that is crystal clear and originates near (or on) the property. There are two small mountains (knobs, more like) that border us too. We were so lucky to have gotten this place. It's so peaceful and beautiful there, and everyone is so friendly, even to a Yankee smile

John C. Knopf
05/05/20 08:24:20AM @john-c-knopf:

Very nice, Bob!  Say "Hey" to Goober and Andy for me...

05/05/20 07:44:38AM @strumelia:

Congrats Bob.... looks wonderful.   :)

05/04/20 11:23:47PM @irene:

Is that a year around stream?  If so, or maybe up higher on your land? if so you could make a small hyrdoelectric plant.  We made one in Hawaii from only a 50 foot drop and ran 4 Kilowatts all the time.   Lots to look into in such a heavenly place.  I love it that you're keeping us IN THE LOOP and it will be exciting to see your shop come up.   Will you be helping to build it? or did you totally contract that shop out and will stay out of their way?   ALL JUST PLANE EXCITING. aloha, irene

05/04/20 10:25:25PM @bob:

Terry, yes indeed, it is amazing country. We made final settlement today. It's ours now sun We will be moving in this summer after the kids finish school. Having the work shop built starting next week also. We're so excited!

House 1.jpg
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House 11.jpg
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Terry Wilson
05/04/20 09:47:32PM @terry-wilson:

Bob, you got you a little piece of heaven.  Beautiful country.  As a boy, we visited relatives there a few times.  But that was when I was a Tarheel.  Been 60 years.  Relatives long gone and pushing daisies.

04/27/20 05:11:45PM @bob:

Steven Berger:

Congratulations, Bob! A beautiful place, indeed! Not too far from Mayberry, either! sun

Yes Steven, just 15 miles from downtown!

Steven Berger
04/27/20 05:07:45PM @steven-berger:

Congratulations, Bob! A beautiful place, indeed! Not too far from Mayberry, either! sun