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Playing a made-up tune on my Scheitholt

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Duration: 00:01:36
Some photos of various stages of constructing a Scheitholt.
Woods used are Cherry, Butternut and Bubinga.
The tune is one I made also (unnamed).
12/08/18 10:10:34AM @bob:

Thanks Steve

Steve Battarbee
12/08/18 03:56:29AM @steve-battarbee:

 Nice tune Bob 

11/30/18 02:25:58PM @bob:

A appreciate your compliments Bess and Bob. I am also really glad and feel blessed to be able to build these things.

Black Dog Bess
11/30/18 09:59:09AM @black-dog-bess:

Beautiful instrument and playing. Thanks for sharing your workmanship with us.

Bob Stephens
11/30/18 09:54:35AM @bob-stephens:

Both the instrument and the music are lovely.  Glad you are back to building instruments.

11/30/18 08:09:17AM @bob:

Hi and thank you all for your nice comments nod

Strumelia, you are right about the size- the string length is a full 27" VSL. (Wilfried Ulrich said it would be an Epinette or Hummel, but due to the large size, I am going with a Hummel.) Someone else coined it a "Dulci-holt" !?  Anyway, it's a fun adventure building something you like and not knowing exactly what it is called! 

I am thinking of making a Black Walnut one (This one is Bubinga, Cherry and Butternut) with a type of scroll head stock, just for fun (when things slow down). I may experiment doing some purfling on it, too, something I really want to learn.

Dusty Turtle
11/29/18 10:57:25PM @dusty-turtle:

A charming instrument regardless of what name you want to give it!  And a charming tune, too.

11/29/18 09:17:21PM @irene:

and another beautiful instrument.  yep, looks more like a Hummel to me.  I really want to make one's on my "someday" list....I love all the little hearts you put on it...and showing your progress in building it.  As Strumelia said, "what's the scale length?   aloha, irene

11/29/18 09:08:42PM @strumelia:

Funny, I was thinking it had styling that looked more like an epinette!   lolol

But what's the scale length?- judging by the size of the candlestick next to it, maybe too big for an epinette.  In that case maybe hummel wouldn't be far off either.

Terry Wilson
11/29/18 08:20:12PM @terry-wilson:

Bob, you sure made yourself a special musical instrument.   Congratulations. 

11/29/18 06:48:40PM @bob:

Thank you, Ariane and Strumelia smiler  It's an enjoyable instrument to play around with. (Incidentally, I was informed by a builder in Germany that it isn't a Scheitholt, but more like a Hummel. Silly me !)

11/29/18 07:46:04AM @strumelia:

Totally yummy, Bob!  clapper

11/29/18 03:22:36AM @ariane:

Wow! Every detail of your instrument is so beautiful! The tune is lovely - as well as your cute little dog 😊