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Black Walnut Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:02
I just finished building this Black Walnut Mountain Dulcimer and giving it a try!
02/10/19 07:42:58PM @bob:

Thank you so much, Cindy smiler

Cindy Stammich
02/10/19 06:57:23PM @cindy-stammich:

Beautiful!!!  Simply beautiful!!!!!

01/23/19 07:03:23AM @bob:

Hi Irene- thank you very much! I love playing that tune and popping my fingers up and down the "dance board". I almost always just play on the melody string alone (it's how I learned from the old days) but actually have used a few melody notes on the middle string on two tunes! In the tuning I use (DGd) I can also do some nice, simple harmonies using the middle string.

The finishing I now do is in several steps: First a good coat of Boiled Linseed Oil over the entire instrument, including the whole fingerboard. The BLO seals and brings out the beautiful colors in the wood very nicely. It has to dry completely, usually several days depending on temps and humidity, until it feels dry and there's absolutely no odor of the oil any more.  Second step is to apply my de-waxed shellac (except on the fingerboard between the first and last frets). I mix mine from flakes so it's assured to be good, since Shellac has a shelf-life that, in time will effect it. I use an amber or blond tint for lighter woods like Cherry or Maple, and a garnet tinted shellac for darker woods like walnut or Bubunga. I wipe on the shellac with a cloth, but use an artist's brush to get into small spots. When it's dry, I rub it down with fine steel wool until its smooth.  The last step is the Wipe-On Polyurethane (except on the fingerboard between the first and last frets), which adds great protection. This gets wiped on in several applications, steel wooling between each application. Generally it's about four or five times. In all, it takes (usually) about a week for the whole process. That's it!  ( Oh, this one has a 27" VSL)


01/22/19 11:17:56PM @irene:

THAT WAS MIGHTY FINE FINGER DANCING on such a BEAUTIFUL dulcimer again.  smooth, and just one string sure does the trick and the drones not overpowering it.  beautiful besides.  What is the VSL on this beauty?   And if I might ask, what varnish do you use?   aloha, irene

01/22/19 09:11:20PM @bob:

Steven Berger:

Sounds really good, Bob! Btw, since you're teaching Christian how to build 'em, are you also teaching him how to play 'em? dulcimerdulcimer

Thanks Steven! and yes Christian knows a few tunes that we play together, but he'd much rather be playin' on his iPad :-(

Steven Berger
01/22/19 09:07:55PM @steven-berger:

Sounds really good, Bob! Btw, since you're teaching Christian how to build 'em, are you also teaching him how to play 'em? dulcimerdulcimer