jeffrey charles foster


Location: Oswego, NY
Country: US

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Cindy Stammich
01/11/15 07:51:50PM @cindy-stammich:

Great to see you Jeffrey! You are doing great! Keep up the good work 113.gif

Keep strumming and smiling!


John Keane
01/11/15 12:21:20PM @john-keane:

Jeffrey, I am SO proud of your improvement! Keep up the good work!

Patty from Virginia
01/10/15 01:22:38PM @patty-from-virginia:

I love Joy to the World too! Keep them comingSmile.gif

Cynthia Wigington
01/10/15 12:46:10PM @cynthia-wigington:
Wow Jeffrey, you have improved so much with that strap and new strings and clearly practicing a lot. May I make a little suggestion? Try strumming more gently, way more gently, think feather. I believe you will sound 3 times better Try it and let me know.
01/10/15 12:42:51PM @strumelia:

Joy to the World! :)

Jeffrey, I think you are sometimes hitting the middle string with the tip of your noter and causing extra sounds- try holding it back a little away from the middle string as you slide up and down.

What kind of pick are you using, or are you using your thumb to strum? If you have any tenseness in the right hand while strumming, you may enjoy experimenting with a more flexible pick which will produce a more flowing or gentle effect. I love very thin flexible picks myself, partly because I am a vigorous strummer so it helps balance that in my playing.

Keep up the good work!