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Samanthra (loosely based on 'Christian Harmony')

musician/member name: JohnH
Duration: 00:02:29
Played noter/drone (with quill as noter and pick) on a Black Walnut, Butternut, and Ebony/Mahog Hourglass Baritone dulcimer, 27" VSL, tuned A ,E, c. (blame it on Janene Millen, her last vid reminded me that I had Baritone !) This a 'repost' for me, just wanted to try it on a different instrument ? Recorded ...
Lexie R Oakley
06/22/15 11:16:36AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you John, it is so haunting and misterious sound. I really enjoy watching you play this song.clapper

John Henry
02/09/15 08:50:02PM @john-henry:

Why thank you Lynn, so pleased that you enjoyed it ! And thanks to you Cynthia for taking the trouble to dig around to find it ! As for 'what kind of dulcimer......' It is of course, 'one of a kind' 'cos I made it from scratch to suit the timber I had knocking around the workshop, and initially there were only the 'big' soundholes, I added the smaller ones to achieve an increase in volume.


Cy !!! its 0145am here, literally

just returned from a taxing day at the hospital with Mary, so just having a brief wind down here, saw your comment about 'snow signing' will try to show Mary tomorrow (and I bet you did'nt write your names in the same manner in which we used to write ours !)

Lynn austin
02/08/15 10:20:38PM @lynn-austin:
What a beautiful haunting melody JH....The tone of your dulcimer is lovely !!!!...Thank you for sharing with us....
Cynthia Wigington
02/08/15 07:32:05PM @cynthia-wigington:

This was a perfect haunting song for this endless snow storm we're having...I'm wondering what kind of a dulcimer this is, I know I've seen this sound hole pattern, Modern Dulcimer maybe?

John Henry
10/06/14 05:44:27PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching, and making comment Rick !


Rick Garrett
10/06/14 02:39:41PM @rick-garrett:

Wow! Thank you for posting this! I had forgotten this song. John McCutcheon has a great version of this on his old album "Fine Times at Our House", which I used to own but can't locate anymore. Again, thanks!

John Henry
03/21/14 08:35:58PM @john-henry:

Hello Patric ! Thanks for listening and making comment !


(hope life is good for you ?)

Blue Hand
03/21/14 05:09:02AM @blue-hand:

What a wonderful tune! Playing it on a Baritone really does add to the melancholic aspect of it!

John Henry
03/17/14 04:26:08PM @john-henry:

Thanks for listening Gregory !


Greg Patterson
03/16/14 09:45:46PM @greg-patterson:


John Henry
03/16/14 07:30:50PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching Janene, comment much appreciated !


Janene Millen
03/16/14 07:49:39AM @janene-millen:

Congrats on reintroducing yourself to your fine Baritone!Sounds really fine--- and playing with a noter and quill on the Baritone!! Have never tried that. Now I'm inspired! Sounds terrific. The song is haunting and well suited.

John Henry
03/14/14 08:26:58PM @john-henry:

Thank you Helen, pleased that it may have been helpful !


Helen Seiler
03/14/14 01:00:01AM @helen-seiler:

It sounds nice on your baritone too John Henry......I learnt a lot from your quill technique, thank you.

John Henry
03/13/14 06:45:03PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching John, comment appreciated


john lashley
03/12/14 09:09:59PM @john-lashley:

Grin.gif nice job i like that

John Henry
03/12/14 07:57:45PM @john-henry:

Thank you Val ! (and the best of luck to your lads this weekend, they deserve it should they win !)


John Henry
03/12/14 07:30:44PM @john-henry:

LOL, you had better pack more than an overnight bag then Robin, have made a few !!! Thanks for listening.


03/12/14 04:31:31PM @macaodha:

Lovely playing John and lovely tune.

Robin Thompson
03/12/14 04:21:00PM @robin-thompson:
The instrument is as lovely as the play of the tune, John.If I ever cross the ocean and arrive at your house, may I please strum all the dulcimers you've made before deciding which to borrow? :)