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'Elk River Blues' on a Messenger 'Pritchard' replica.

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Duration: 00:02:08
This tune taught me by John Shaw (I believe he got it from Don Pedi's 'Bound To Have A little Fun) Played noter/drone on a Kevin Messenger all poplar Charles...
John Henry
09/20/14 05:34:36PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching Gary, comment appreciated !


Gary McNaughton
09/20/14 05:10:23PM @gary-mcnaughton:
I Like your playing John Henry very good!kind regards Gary
John Henry
08/24/14 06:00:34PM @john-henry:

Thanks Kevin, having followed your work over an extended period of time there was never a problem concerning 'trust' so far as I was concerned. As you are well aware, I had/have sufficient information to hand to build one myself, just don't have the time these days ! I have every confidence that given just a little more playing time it will be 'a right proper job'.


(do I have to pay you for

John Henry
08/24/14 05:50:48PM @john-henry:

Lisa, are you refering to the bits where I forget what I am supposed to do next and 'improvise', lol. Thank you for watching, your comments always truely appreciated


John Henry
08/24/14 05:47:14PM @john-henry:

Edward ! If folk take time to listen, I am pleased at any comment !!! Thank you


Kevin Messenger
08/23/14 11:17:17PM @kevin-messenger:

John Henry , I knew all along that one of my instruments in your hands would come alive. As Lisa said you put such feeling into your playing ,that is missing in other Tunes that I hear. Thank you for trusting me to build it and thank you for making it sound so good. Kevin.....

08/23/14 10:17:01PM @strumelia:

John Henry, it's always such joy to hear you play. You put so much expression into what you play. Your use of subtle pauses, dynamics, and 'spaces' in the rhythm and in your strumming/picking all add such feeling.

Those pegs are quite the plush thing! - you have earned them, I'd say!

John Henry
08/23/14 06:18:23PM @john-henry:

Thanks Marion, your comment much appreciated !


Marion Seaman
08/23/14 01:42:49AM @marion-seaman:

just catching up with this -lovely playing on a fine instrument. Unusually I read all the comments first before watching the video. Everyone of them justified......well done John your playing really expressed the 'yearning for something' described in the song . Encore as they say


John Henry
08/18/14 03:17:53PM @john-henry:

Bill, your remarks make my playing of the tune worthwhile, not often one can identify with someone so conversant witha tunes source ! Thank you for listening and making comment


John Henry
08/18/14 03:11:21PM @john-henry:

Thank you Robin! It is going to be a great dulcimer,I 'feel it in me water',lol, you say you are going to play it, perhaps that will help Steve decide to give it a go, it really is a simple tune to play noter style once you have heard it a couple of times Steve, just try and 'feel' the emotions implied by Bill Calhoun in his comment


Robin Thompson
08/18/14 02:30:05PM @robin-thompson:
John, I love the great West Virginia tune "Elk River Blues" and you play it wonderfully on that lovely instrument Kevin made! You've got me wanting to go grab a dulcimer and play the tune. I think I will. :)
Steve Battarbee
08/18/14 09:14:19AM @steve-battarbee:

Really liked that John. I will have to put a Pritchard on my wish list and Elk River Blues on my 'Must learn' list

Bill Calhoun
08/17/14 09:09:12PM @bill-calhoun:

John Henry, as a West Virginian who use to live by the very same Elk River I am profoundly touched to hear a tune composed by a legendary West Virginia fiddler played in a grand way on an instrument built by one of West Virginias own. Your skillful playing captures Ernie Carpenters love for his home place and his sadness for being forced from his land. Thank you. You have made my dad. Peace.

John Henry
08/17/14 07:15:32PM @john-henry:

Hi there Brian, your comment is always appreciated !


Brian G.
08/17/14 06:00:40PM @brian-g:

Loved it JH! :)

John Henry
08/17/14 11:19:03AM @john-henry:

Patty, folkfan,how to reply ? 9.gif . Thank you for watching and making kind comment !

my regards


(now please form an orderly queue, lol !!! )

John Henry
08/17/14 11:14:00AM @john-henry:

Thanks Dusty, while waiting for the instrument to arrive and musing on what the first tune I posted using it might be, I settled on 'Southwind', only to sit down and forget all about it, its me age, ya'know ! Your comment much appreciated !


John Henry
08/17/14 11:09:44AM @john-henry:

Thanks for watching Ken, I am tuned DGd, and apologise for not making it clearer. Main thing is, DAA or DGd, you listened !


Dusty Turtle
08/17/14 02:27:48AM @dusty-turtle:

Nice sounding instrument. Nice playing. Nice tune. Just really nice.

And I agree, John. I think this tune just works very well on the dulcimer. Southwind is another that just seems to fit the dulcimer so well.