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This Is The Truth Sent From Above

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Duration: 00:01:28
A Herefordshire (UK) folk tune/carol, made popular by Vaughn Williams, here played noter/thumb strum on a John D Tignor Kentucky dulcimer (circa 1970's)...
Rick Kennedy
01/04/15 11:55:49PM @rick-kennedy:

I've tried to convince her, John, but she is "at that age" where spending some time practicing with Dad is last on her list of things to do!

I've learned to play a few really great tunes that I had never heard before because you played them for us (Bonny at Morn is my favorite, I think). I am always grateful for your postingsSmile.gif

John Henry
01/02/15 06:24:40PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching and making comment Rick ! Yes, I suppose that some of the stuff I play can't be considered as 'run of the mill', but if , as you indicate, it helps people to become aware of something different, and so attempt to play new tunes, that can only be good ?


(I must drop Fiona a line, try and persuade her to guide you thro' another shared posting, lol!)

Rick Kennedy
01/01/15 08:50:19PM @rick-kennedy:

Catching up on videos again--glad to see/hear this one, John Henry. I really enjoy that you play folk tunes and carols that are "new to me" (and to many others, I am sure). I also appreciate that some of the tunes are specific or traditional to certain areas. Anyways, thanks for posting, as always, and have a Happy New Year!

John Henry
12/26/14 03:40:15PM @john-henry:

Thanks Geeks, I reckon using a noter tends to make one 'vocalise' the tune in one's head , hence the appearance of 'feeling' for the melody ?


John Henry
12/26/14 03:36:30PM @john-henry:

Thank you for watching Janene !


Janene Millen
12/26/14 04:32:53AM @janene-millen:

lovely....thanks for sharing it with us!

John Henry
12/25/14 06:27:54PM @john-henry:

Jim, and Ken, good of you to make comment, enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day, outs is drawing to a close !(1130)


John Henry
12/25/14 06:25:56PM @john-henry:

Cy, still getting used to it, had to clean it up a fair bit, the inside is Very dirty , impossible to make out the timber surfaces ?


John Henry
12/25/14 06:24:04PM @john-henry:

Cindy, Ken,thank you for watching. I hope that your day is going well !


Helen Seiler
12/25/14 05:46:33PM @helen-seiler:
Yep, definitely on the mend now John. Boxing day here now, we tend to be a day ahead of US cos of the International Dateline and maybe a bit ahead of Uk. I had a nice quiet day with lots of dulcimer and nearly death by h x
John Henry
12/25/14 01:48:00PM @john-henry:

Stumelia...........shhh !


12/25/14 01:29:44PM @strumelia:

John Henry, isn't there a pic of you here somewhere in your choir boy robes...?

Cindy Stammich
12/25/14 01:27:56PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful carol!

Such a beautiful song to listen to on this Blessed Christmas morning!Smile.gif

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Ken Backer
12/25/14 12:53:52PM @ken-backer:

Nice intro and build on this song. Great playing, JH, hope you are feeling much better.

John Henry
12/25/14 12:29:51PM @john-henry:

Thanks Jim, glad you enjoyed it (as I have looking at your pictures on 'another' site, lol


John Henry
12/25/14 12:28:40PM @john-henry:

Thanks Ben, I did 'wander away' from the noter for a while, but eventually realised the error of my ways !


John Henry
12/25/14 12:27:35PM @john-henry:

Pamela, the pleasure is mine ! I too can just about remember ME in cassock, surplice and ruff, together with a 'pipe' organ singing this at midnight mass, and my sons following on did the same !!!


Cynthia Wigington
12/25/14 10:30:42AM @cynthia-wigington:

Lovely to see you so happy with new dulcimer. Thanks so much for all the very different Christmas offerings. You really are a rare treasure.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
12/25/14 09:05:58AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Very nice. The noter gives this a nice effect.

Jim Fawcett
12/25/14 09:04:57AM @jim-fawcett:

John, thanks for sharing this. Love the way you play. Really enjoyed this one. Merry Christmas to you and yours.