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Amazing Grace, using Bow (for James)

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Duration: 00:01:14
With noter and bow on a 27" VSL, three string, Poplar/Maple TMB, strung with 0.020, 0.012, 0.012 piano music wire, tunedAaa.
10/03/17 10:12:20AM @strumelia:

John Henry!

I will be getting a three string Icelandic Langspil next year, which I will be exclusively bowing.  It's sort of like a skinny box dulcimer in some ways.  It will function as my 'bowed box dulcimer'.  When it comes, I will be using your wonderful videos as an inspiration for my bowing endeavors on it.  But I must wait the out the bleak winter while it's in the planning and construction stage.

Here's hoping you can record one or two more simple older tunes on the bowed box, it'd give me and others in your 'fotmd fan club' such  joy!


John Henry
01/12/15 03:38:34AM @john-henry:

Thank you Cindy, comment appreciated


Cindy Stammich
01/11/15 09:18:38PM @cindy-stammich:

OhhhhhhhJohn Henry......this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Henry
01/11/15 02:56:06PM @john-henry:

Thank you James, sorry it was a bit late, can't always please me'sel when I play)


James Phillips
01/10/15 02:25:11PM @james-phillips:

Wonderful, and thank you participating John Henry!Grin.gif Amazing Grace does sound great in Bagpipe tuning. And of course, love the music boxSmile.gif

John Henry
01/07/15 06:47:07PM @john-henry:

Thanks Steph! Can't remember, did you actually buy a bow a while back ?


John Henry
01/07/15 06:23:00AM @john-henry:

Thank you Helen !


(have you ever thought of bowing the 'dige' ? lol)

Helen Seiler
01/06/15 09:42:43PM @helen-seiler:

Nicely bowed (and noted) JH. I knew we could depend on you for a truly different version. Thanks so much for posting it.

John Henry
01/06/15 06:59:36PM @john-henry:

Brian, Kevin, And Pamela, thank you for making comment !


(Pam, am intrigued by your reference to "How Green Was My Valley" . How come you are aware of that film ?)

John Henry
01/06/15 11:06:52AM @john-henry:

Chuckle, thanks Ken, was waiting for a punch line containing 'Frankenstien'. It is a 'Tennessee Music Box'', a primitive early variation of the dulcimer, typically furnished with cold formed (bent) tin nut and bridge, staple frets, with screw eyes used as tuners. It looks ugly, is heavy, but is capable of producing some very nice sounds in the right hands (if you have the inclination, check out John Shaw's 'Bonnie at Morn' in the audio only section here), sometimes with the bow, as here, but more often with plectrum, fingers ect. As for the swaying, well, it started out from Bristol OK, but seemed to get 'bent' exiting from YouTube ?

thanks for watching


Ken Backer
01/06/15 09:02:32AM @ken-backer:

Great, JH! Thanks for posting, don't see the bow used too much. I, too, agree with the "haunting" comments.

I would like to know about the dulcimer you are playing. Looks like an electrical junction box on top of a coffin with a fretboard. And is your room swaying or did I get up too early...Grin.gif

Kevin Messenger
01/05/15 08:48:15PM @kevin-messenger:

Nicely done JH, I really like the bowing.

Brian G.
01/05/15 07:20:57PM @brian-g:


John Henry
01/05/15 06:30:28PM @john-henry:

Thank you all for watching and making comment, much appreciated !


Robin Thompson
01/05/15 02:20:15PM @robin-thompson:
When I grow up, I hope to bow as well as you do, my friend!
Jim Fawcett
01/05/15 12:09:01PM @jim-fawcett:

Very nice, as usual, John.

Lynn austin
01/05/15 11:59:19AM @lynn-austin:
What a beautifully haunting version!!!!!...Well done JH....thank you for sharing.
Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/05/15 11:53:13AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

I would have to echo the comment "haunting" version. Very good.

John Henry
01/05/15 11:51:05AM @john-henry:

Patty ! "Thur ain't no notes on a dulcimer - you jus' play it"

Thanks for watching


Patty from Virginia
01/05/15 11:33:30AM @patty-from-virginia:

You did an excellent job John Henry! I'm glad no cats were hurt, lol. I do have a question. What does that sign say? I could read the last part, "just play it," but couldn't read the rest. I noticed the movement. Almost thought you were at sea, lolGrin.gif Thanks for sharing! It's always a pleasure to see your videosSmile.gif