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Project: Folk Strings!

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Duration: 00:05:51
These wonderful young people started their mountain dulcimer journey one month ago. We created a video journal to critique our progress over the last four weeks and to plan our future skill development. We hope that you will enjoy our present and future progress!
John Keane
09/18/19 04:51:40AM @john-keane:

Thanks Marg!  We are having a great time!

09/17/19 10:25:01PM @marg:

Good going to all the players, they are doing very well. I hope they are enjoying themselves.

John Keane
09/17/19 05:28:01AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much for the kind words!  The important thing is that we are having fun doing what we do!

09/17/19 04:09:47AM @ariane:

Congratulations for this project, for you and these talented young dulcimer players - I am looking forward to the next video dulcimer

09/17/19 12:45:27AM @mansker:

John-greatly impressed by these young folks and their fluid rhythm in such a short span.

Compliments to them and a great reflection upon their teacher.

You're the BOSS!!!!




John Keane
09/16/19 05:48:27AM @john-keane:

Thank you!  I think the biggest reason for their fast start (as opposed to my slow and frustrating start a few years ago) is consistent information and goals on a daily basis.  I would try thing after thing without having a single clue of what would work best for me early on.  I know that this is also as big an issue for some folks getting started right now as it was for me back then.  I always try to point out that there are "other ways" of doing a particular skill but we are going to do it "this way" until we get comfortable enough to branch out a little more.  This seems to keep away the frustration factor and helps us to move together at a fairly even pace.  They are a joy to work with, and I look forward to hopping back in this week to address some right and left hand issues exposed in this particular video session.  The video will allow them to see these issues as well making my job a lot easier!  

09/15/19 10:15:33PM @strumelia:

Such solid playing!!  Whatever you are doing, it's working like a dream.  Great talent there.

John Keane
09/15/19 07:05:17PM @john-keane:

Thanks Robin!  We are really having fun with this!

Robin Thompson
09/15/19 07:03:22PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, the kids played wonderfully-- right hand work is fluid and such solid rhythm, too.  I look forward to following the HMS Folk Strings!

John Keane
09/15/19 06:21:01AM @john-keane:

Thanks y'all!  Irene, the book is 15 Originals for Mountain Dulcimer.  It is available from Folkcraft, Amazon, and others.  The dulcimers are made of plywood.  I purchased them by writing a grant several years ago.  Unfortunately the maker has retired.  Dusty, it's neat that you picked up on that.  It's okay to "monitor and adjust" the process along the way, but a lack of clear direction results in cat herding very quickly lol!  These folks are an absolute joy to work with and I will pass along all of the kind words.

Dusty Turtle
09/15/19 01:59:13AM @dusty:

That's phenomenal, John!  Those kids sound really good and it's clear from your explanation that you developed a well-planned curriculum for introducing the dulcimer.  I look forward to hearing how this project develops going forward.

09/14/19 10:47:43PM @irene:

OVER THE TOP GREAT!!!   MORE BRAVO'S HERE TOO!  To get them struming together, and intricate strumming.  and all IN TIME.....woah....what's that book? and are these all box dulcimers made from cardboard?   I'm sooooooooooo impressed.  aloha, irene

John Keane
09/14/19 09:38:35PM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much!  They are a joy to work with!

Salt Springs
09/14/19 09:31:53PM @salt-springs:


What a grand opportunity to teach those young'ns some grand old tunes.  I wish I could hear them in person.........

Steven Berger
09/14/19 08:55:47PM @steven-berger:

Way to go, John! Those young folks sound great! Keep up the fine work, everybody!

John Keane
09/14/19 07:06:06PM @john-keane:

Thanks Dan!  That is much appreciated!


09/14/19 06:50:57PM @dan:

Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! All the very best to you John for all you do with these young folks.....