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sugar hill 2.AVI

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Duration: 00:02:27
First video with hurty hands.Played on my new Robert Schuler, "Lil Butternut"
Cindy Stammich
06/04/16 09:59:49PM @cindy-stammich:

Hi Lexie!  I am not sure I ever saw this!  I can close my eyes and sail away in the beauty of the soft dulcimer music!  I hope you are doing well, and hope to see more videos!

05/27/16 09:00:56PM @gerald:

Hi Lexie. Thanks for sharing that video. Always fun to see someone play with that old style noter. It really helps to highlight the history and tradition of the instrument. Great job....I just love it!

05/30/15 07:46:10AM @strumelia:

Ken you are a rascal.

Lexie R Oakley
05/30/15 02:36:17AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you Lisa for your positive feedback and encouragement, I appreciate it.38.gif

Lil' Girly and I plan to do a strum along together with "ButterNut" & "Silvery Thommy" soon. Then I have a song ready to play with Thommy.69.gif 103.gif

05/29/15 10:00:28PM @strumelia:

You have a nice easy slide with that noter- very lyrical. Butternut...yummy! The hammerons and slide timing is great- nice and strong. Can't wait to hear a pretty little tune on your new Thomas!

Lexie R Oakley
03/20/15 04:06:59PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you Monica, I am doing better playing now, I was having lots of hand pain when I posted this.

I will try to post soon showing improvement.

Thanks for you nice comments.Grin.gif I love my dulcimer Bob Schuler built, it is light great action and I believe a great dulcimer for a beginner to learn on. My plan is to keep it as my treasured instrument.Smile.gif

03/20/15 03:47:10PM @monica:

well played, It has a lovely sound.

Ken Backer
02/13/15 05:36:32PM @ken-backer:

Yes, Lexie, necessity is the invention of mother... or something like that. I know down the road I will not be able to hold a pick tight between my thumb and index finger. Have to see what I come up with.. my nose isn't long enough...

Lexie R Oakley
02/13/15 04:57:54PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thanks for your support and nice comment, my friend Ken.

I have a chop stick I stick up my splint....work around cuz I am stubborn and want to play for you!Grin.gif This way I don't really have to hold my noter...HahhhA

Ken Backer
02/13/15 03:05:12PM @ken-backer:

Lexie, congrats on posting your first video41.gif , sounds real good. Keep 'em coming. I hope your hand problems don't interfere too much, there are always work-arounds. I know from my own hand/wrist problems.

02/12/15 07:52:26AM @mandy:
Hey Lexie, nice job. I never could figure out how to use a noter properly. Sorry about your hands, pain is no fun!
Lexie R Oakley
02/11/15 06:34:37PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thanks so much Geekling and Oliver for your support and encouragement.25.gif

Although I hate my splints, I am working on playing Sugar Hill again with a chop stick noter pushed up my splint, where I don't really need to hold it, aww it is comfortable and more fun.113.gif

I am working also on another fun song which when I get it down I will post. Also I want to do this one again.

I am having fun with my "Lil ButterNut" and am strumming away!!

Keep on Smiling and Strumming! Thanks!

Oliver Ogden
02/10/15 07:36:04AM @oliver-ogden:

Lexie, very nice first video,I enjoyed it. Also your dulcimer sounds good.

Bob Reinsel
02/09/15 09:24:52AM @bob-reinsel:

Lexie, congrats on getting a video posted! Good job.

Dusty Turtle
02/08/15 08:37:35PM @dusty:

Congratulations on your first video, Lexie. Hopefully there will be many more to come. You doindeed have those slides and hammer-ons working nicely. Good job!

Sorry about the "hurty" hands.

Robin Thompson
02/08/15 05:29:44PM @robin-thompson:
Lexie, I enjoyed your video! Your dulcimer looks great and sounds wonderful. Happy strumming, friend!
Patty from Virginia
02/08/15 05:18:20PM @patty-from-virginia:

Hooray Lexie!!! You got your video up on the main. I think you did great with Sugar Hill. I can't wait to see more of your videos. As I said, you're a braver soul than me. Took me a long while before I got the nerve to post a video. Keep them comingSmile.gif

Greg Patterson
02/08/15 04:47:38PM @greg-patterson:

Thanks for sharing that, Lexie! Nice playing!

Gail Webber
02/08/15 04:13:59PM @gail-webber:

Good job, Lexie! I like those hammer ons and slides.

Lexie R Oakley
02/08/15 03:59:09PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thanks Friends, you are very sweet and encouraging and I appreciate your watching and commentsSmile.gif

I am sorry I am not my best at playing for you, I think it was just learning how to load a video that was the deal for me.102.gif

I love playing this song (Sugar Hill) with the slides and hammer-on's and the last couple days I have been working on playing it with my splint on my Left hand with a chop stick noter, much more comfortable and I play better.3.gif

So I will try again doing another video soon and play with more ease.63.gif