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Cherry River Line on lap dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:17
The first time I heard this tune, it was on a YT video of Lester McCumbers on fiddle & Kim Johnson on banjo. (The tune is also on Kim's cd "Keepers" and now I've got that recording so can listen to the tune over and again.) This is my translation of the tune to the lap dulcimer and any mistakes in this translation are mine. :)The lap dulcimer was built by Mr A R Kern and it's tuned to DGG for this G tune.
Robin Thompson
01/31/15 09:45:33AM @robin-thompson:
Friends, I'm happy you enjoyed my lap dulcimer version of the tune! Not many days ago, I inquired of Kim Johnson (Lester's banjo accompanist) whether she and Lester had a "signature" tune. She responded that it would likely be either Yew Piney Mountain or Cherry River Line since these were their most-requested tunes.Robert, simple tunes are all I can play and they are great fun! And I have some of the finest backup singers around. :)
robert schuler
01/30/15 09:04:42PM @robert-schuler:
I played this tune this evening. How come the simple tunes are the most fun... Its one of those tunes that takes you into the ZONE. I played it in ccC. And on banjo in gDGBD. If your a lazy banjo picker like me this whole tune can be played only by fretting two notes... Thanks Robin, BTW I like your backup singers...
Lynn austin
01/30/15 07:57:58PM @lynn-austin:
Robin, what a great tune and what a beautiful sounding dulcimer!!!!!...thanks for sharing....
Paul Killian
01/30/15 07:55:02PM @paul-killian:

That was really nice. Thanks.

Robin Thompson
01/30/15 06:45:02PM @robin-thompson:
Lexie, Mr. McCumbers was a West Virginia treasure! I'm glad you enjoyed a dulcimer version of Cherry River Line. :)
Lexie R Oakley
01/26/15 04:53:45PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you Robin for the wonderful tribute to Lester McCumbers.

You play the tune so great that I am sure he is at peace playing his tunes.Smile.gif

Robin Thompson
01/26/15 02:37:28PM @robin-thompson:
Rest in peace, Lester McCumbers.
Robin Thompson
09/18/12 10:19:28AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Gayle! This little Kern dulcimer is a joy to play and it's not too hard to find those WV tunes in it. Smile.gif

Gayle Maurer
09/18/12 12:51:41AM @gayle-maurer:

Well, if the tune was built in, you did a great job getting it out! Thanks for sharing!

Robin Thompson
09/16/12 04:38:48PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, fellas! There's just something about the way Lester & Kim played this tune that grabbed hold of me. So many great WV tunes. . . It's cool that I'll never run out of 'em! Smile.gif

Randy Adams
09/16/12 02:03:11PM @randy-adams:

Real nice listen Robin! You get the perfect blend of melody & percussion here. Always good to hear you play the tunes. Thx!

Rob N Lackey
09/16/12 12:54:59PM @rob-n-lackey:

That's another great one Robin. I think I'll just have to learn it. Thanks for introducing it to me (and everyone else who hadn't heard it before.)

Rick Kennedy
09/16/12 12:22:04PM @rick-kennedy:

This is the first MD tune I've listened to today--now, I'll hear it in my head all day--just the way I like it! thanks for posting this well-played tuneGrin.gif

Robin Thompson
09/16/12 11:44:41AM @robin-thompson:

Robin C, thanks for letting us all know this is a mixolidian tune! I appreciate it when this sort of information can be added to a thread because, as you know, I'm not conversant on such things. And thank you for listening!

Robin Clark
09/15/12 12:13:26PM @robin-clark:

That was great Robin!

I am a fan of those mixolidian fiddle tunes - not quite major, not quite minor. There is something very Celticin the feeling ofmany of them.


Robin Thompson
09/15/12 10:34:01AM @robin-thompson:

Friends, thank you!6.gif The way Mr McCumbers & Kim Johnson play this tune makes it easy to learn. Due to my lack of skill, I can't listen to just any fiddler and pick out the tune; it can sometimes be hard for me to make heads or tails of things when trying to find the bare melody.

Y'all are so polite, nobody mentioned that I sped-up (like I usually do on the videos).3.gifSmile.gif

This Kern dulcimer has a great sound for fiddle tunes and it's a pleasure to play. After Gary Sager filed the fret ends for me-- lots of dulcimers need this done at some point since the wood of the fretboard dries more and shrinks-- it's played like a dream.

Dana R. McCall
09/15/12 09:32:12AM @dana-r-mccall:

LOVE It Robin!

John Keane
09/14/12 07:04:00PM @john-keane:

You're a! Way to go!

Patty from Virginia
09/14/12 06:15:14PM @patty-from-virginia:

Robin, great tune and great playingSmile.gifYou, Randy and Dave have mastered those fiddle tunes on dulcimer. I enjoy listening to them. Thanks for sharingSmile.gif

Carrie Barnes
09/14/12 04:59:36PM @carrie-barnes:

Hey Robin, ya just make this look so EASY.........I can only aspire!63.gif Lovely dulcimer, and great song, super playing as always!6.gif41.gif41.gif6.gif