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Citi na gCumman

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Duration: 00:02:57
Kitty In The Corner Trad Irish By Linda Brockinton On Mountain Dulcimer
01/31/17 12:13:40PM @strumelia:

Linda, you may want to alter or remove your email address- spambots routinely collect email addresses posted on public sites (and FOTMD is a public site).

If you and Monica 'follow' each other's profile pages, then you will be able to exchange private notes and thus more safely give out your contact info.  yes

Linda Jo brockinton
01/31/17 08:30:42AM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Yes Monica. Please email me your email address.

Linda Jo brockinton
01/31/17 08:29:39AM @linda-jo-brockinton:


Are the Tabs available for this piece Linda. So beautiful.


01/30/17 04:47:51PM @monica:

Are the Tabs available for this piece Linda. So beautiful.

Linda Jo brockinton
01/18/14 10:52:04PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Thanks ann and folkfan.
12/05/13 10:36:43PM @folkfan:

Linda, Not a tune I know, but have enjoyed your light and graceful playing of it.

Linda Jo brockinton
11/23/13 09:21:27AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Thanks Mary. I know, it is delicious. William coulter plays guitar mostly Celtic and his arrangements are indescribably delicious lol.
Linda Jo brockinton
11/21/13 02:57:04AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Thanks Phil!
Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/21/13 02:12:50AM @mr-phil:

Beautifully done and just love the tune. I want to learn this one too eventually. Thanks for sharing this tune...

Linda Jo brockinton
11/17/13 10:01:45AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Sorry Angela let me answer the specific questionI heard this on a William coulter cd. He plays guitar. I listened to it over and over, picked out the melody, filled in the chord shapes , filled it in with picking patterns then wrote down my arrangement of it. I did find a simple melody line in a Gaelic music book , the bridge I did by ear .
Linda Jo brockinton
11/17/13 09:39:05AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Hey James. Yep I use Same strings for everything, lol....
Linda Jo brockinton
11/17/13 09:10:21AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Hi Angela...I play chord shapes. There are basically 5 core shapes that make most of the chords possible. Similar to the 1-3-5 chord on the piano. You only have an 8 note scale , like c-c on the piano to work with. Once you learn the shapes ,you can pick out a melody and one of the chord shapes will be what you need. Then the main objective becomes leaving those chords down as long as physically possible and still play the melody notes. I was a music major but when I started playing I found the dulcimer the most confounding thing. Mostly in the area of keys and chords. I play mostly in CGC and if I need another key I just retune or capo as each Mixolydian tuning has 3 major keys I can play in and 3 minor keys. I did a tutorial on here for chords in CGC that kind of explains a lot of this. I have a book called Harmonious Dulcimer on my website that explains some of this or you can email me from my site. There is also free tab there you can look at if that would help.lindabrockinton .comwork
James Phillips
11/17/13 09:09:40AM @james-phillips:

Great video and playing as always Linda! When you tune to CGc tuning, are you using the standard DAd string set?

Linda Jo brockinton
11/15/13 04:52:16PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Well congratulations on your new dulcimer and welcome to the dulcimer world.It tuned to CGC as are most that I post.Thanks a bunch.....
Patty from Virginia
11/13/13 09:08:03PM @patty-from-virginia:

Very lovely!!!113.gif

Steve Battarbee
11/13/13 06:43:25PM @steve-battarbee:

Beautifully played.

Karen Keane
11/13/13 06:26:35PM @karen-keane:
That's so purdy. I'm glad to see you post this.
Helen Seiler
11/13/13 04:47:54PM @helen-seiler:

Linda, that is so beautiful it almost took my breath away. You are a true master. Thanks so much for sharing.

11/13/13 02:59:10PM @macaodha:

Linda, Cit na gCumann translates Kitty my darling or sweetheart. There are other words to describe darling and sweetheart in the Irish language, which can be quiet complicated.The word Na (na gCumann) implies plural, this is a case of the genitive plural at play here.Not an expert by any means. Keep up the great work.

Ben Barr Jr
11/13/13 08:48:34AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr: