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John & "Uncle Eddie" 11/20/13

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:01:08
jeffrey charles foster
10/13/15 11:05:22PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:



Robin Clark
07/09/15 03:08:39AM @robin-clark:

Hey - that's great John thumbsup    I bet it would work great in a group with one person plucking or bowing the strings and a second noting the melody grin

Robin Thompson
06/18/15 10:09:05PM @robin-thompson:

thumbsup  John, your Uncle Eddie is just cool.  

Lexie R Oakley
06/17/15 12:56:17PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Excellant John, I really love hearing the deep voice of Uncle Eddie!thumbsup

John C. Knopf
06/17/15 11:07:10AM @john-c-knopf:

Thanks for your comments, Patty and Ken.  I strung it with .033" music wire from a spool, Ken.

The other 2 strings when played at the same time sounded very muddy, so I stuck with just the melody string for this sample.

Ken Backer
06/17/15 09:45:02AM @ken-backer:

John, I am impressed!  I can see a dulcimer section in a band, like a sax section.  A couple of standard size, a couple of baritone size, and yours on the on the bottom (like a baritone sax).  What did you string it with?

Patty from Virginia
06/17/15 08:54:44AM @patty-from-virginia:

I love this!!! Nice bass, John!!! I still think a broom handle would make a great noter, LOL Laugh