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Idumea (And Am I Born To Die)

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03/17/17 11:20:00AM @strumelia:

Cynthia, do you mean the video here on this page?  Seems to be working fine for me right now.  The video is here and functioning.

Are you getting an error message?-if so, what does it say?

Cynthia Wigington
03/17/17 08:45:13AM @cynthia-wigington:

Hi John - wanted to listen to your version of this but it was not there! Can you put it back please? Very much want to hear it.

John Henry
01/09/12 04:59:03AM @john-henry:

Thanks Nila, I'm glad that you found it pleasing, and happy that you have another tune under your belt, so to speak!


John Henry
07/04/11 04:26:30AM @john-henry:

Robin, thanks for the comment, I'll have to think about the singing, lol, I do not want to lose too many friends (good to see your outside 'necessary' featured again, I loved it the first time around)

johnp. I also have tried it before, but have always managed to make it sound 'weak', if I am reading Rod's notes correctly, I played it in Phrygian? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ( I feel sure that you will not mind sharing space with Robin)

best wishes to you both


john p
07/02/11 11:14:08PM @john-p:

Great playing again John.

I've tried this myself sometimes but haven't been able to settled with it, maybe because I've always used Aeolian.

John p

Robin Thompson
07/02/11 09:46:11PM @robin-thompson:
John, your playing this is such a lovely, touching tribute to Rod's memory. And you played it well. Hope you'll sing it sometime-- it has a powerful lyric.
John Henry
07/01/11 05:18:35PM @john-henry:


no paint on chair, but unfortunately just a bit on the back of the instrument (Overtly Olive, emulsion, not my choice !!!) must have been some on my pants, I think that it will pick off later ?


John Henry
07/01/11 05:14:45PM @john-henry:

Hey Bobby, I thought that you might like that one, I nearly sang on it !107.gif107.gif107.gif. Next time maybe ?

What gauge strings do you think that you will end up using on your new build?

best wishes' John

John Henry
07/01/11 04:57:04PM @john-henry:

lovin, thank you for the comment, and the contact! Re your noter question, Ken makes a good point about control in his post, and a better user of the computer than I would be able to point you directly to a post made on this site by our own Randy Adams, who offered comparism between three methods of using your noter, thumb on top, forefinger on top, and a 'side by side' forefinger and thumb grip, all of which offer a degree of control and which stop one from sliding into unwanted strings. Stick with it, noter play has a lot to offer, and in my opinion is not in the least limiting in the allowance of showing 'expression' in one's playing.

What dulcimer have you just received?

best wishes


John Keane
07/01/11 10:30:26AM @john-keane:
Extremely well done! Great sounding dulcimer as well. Just see that you don't get paint on my chair. Grin.gif
07/01/11 10:23:55AM @strumelia:
Very beautiful, John Henry. And I know Rod would be so pleased! He loved those low tunings especially.