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Cold Frosty Morning. This for James, who sorta remined me that I had this instrument sitting under a bed in its case !

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Duration: 00:02:12
ZOOM Handy Video Recorder, African Mahogany (with Cherry fretboard) Early Virginian replica 'D' ended, mean tone scaled dulcimer, 26" VSL, strung with 0.011, 0.012, plain steel, and 0.022 nickle wound strings, tuned C'F'C', capo'd 1st fret (D'G'D'), 'A' Dorian ? Sorry about the foul ups, time still at a premium, so half an hour to spare means a one off 'take'.
John Henry
04/20/17 02:37:34AM @john-henry:

Thank you Jan, gives me pleasure that you sought it out and enjoyed it !


Jan Potts
04/19/17 01:55:36PM @jan-potts:

Love this! You play with great ease that makes listening a real pleasure.


John Henry
02/14/15 02:51:51PM @john-henry:

Shhh! Our winter has been very kind so far..............! Pleased that it is coming good for you Cynthia, thank you for the comment .


Cynthia Wigington
02/14/15 12:28:09AM @cynthia-wigington:

Cold Frosty Morn indeed as it is heading to 40 below zero F. with the wind chill in the next couple of days. Finally I began to get a beginning sense of playing this. Since it's not coming out so well, guess that means I need a new dulcimer, LOL! You sure do a nice job with this one. It's been putting me up a wall since I first heard you "whip it off". One of the tags is "mean". Mean indeed.

John Henry
11/20/14 07:05:33PM @john-henry:

Thank you Gary!

best wishes


Gary McNaughton
11/20/14 06:54:08PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Well played John Henry
John Henry
11/20/14 06:42:58PM @john-henry:

Mike ! Thank you for warching and making comment. Much appreciated !


John Henry
11/20/14 08:46:10AM @john-henry:

Thanks for listening Cynthia, comment appreciated !


Mike Keller
11/19/14 10:44:25PM @mike-keller:

This is great!41.gif You are so comfortable with the noter.

Cynthia Wigington
11/19/14 08:04:34PM @cynthia-wigington:

That mean tone fretting drives me wild, it is so much cleaner sounding.

John Henry
02/14/14 11:19:32AM @john-henry:

Tut tut Mr Shaw, this is a tune that I first learnt sat at your knee, could never get it quite right then, abeit I was usually trying to play it sans noter ! (the 'run downs' are a bit muddy ?) thanks for watching, I hope tp see you in March all being well ??? (fingers crossed)


John Henry
02/14/14 11:15:54AM @john-henry:

Chuckle! Brian, I think it would be fair comment to say that most of what I offer to share could be done differently, thank you for the comment. Much appreciated !


Brian G.
02/14/14 08:19:04AM @brian-g: appears I hadn't comment on this yet. So just let me say I loved it. This is a tune I've always liked (though I think I've heard it done slightly differently?) but haven't learned. I think I will learn it now. :)

Always a pleasure to hear you, John Henry.

John Henry
02/14/14 07:54:03AM @john-henry:

Thank you Mike for listening !


John Shaw
02/14/14 05:24:31AM @john-shaw:

Only just caught up with this one, John. Great playing on a great dulcimer. Foul ups - what foul ups?!

John Henry
01/31/14 09:34:23AM @john-henry:

Cindy, marg, have only just picked up on your comments, thank you for watching ! Do try using a noter, it can be very rewarding !


Cindy Stammich
01/26/14 10:56:38PM @cindy-stammich:
That was great! I just might have to work on that one - and learn to use a noter! I am inspired now!
01/26/14 10:19:19PM @marg:

Thank you for sharing, very nice, I enjoyed the strum beat- wonderful sound & playing.

Patty from Virginia
01/26/14 09:21:34PM @patty-from-virginia:

I'm still thinking on it JH. I would love to have a dulcimer like this. It may be worth eating Spam for one month. I keep my eye on that Wartz bunch. I'm not sure they can be trusted, LOLGrin.gif

John Henry
01/26/14 03:37:59PM @john-henry:

Nila, glad that the tab got to you ok, look forward to hearing 'Cold Frosty' being played on that new dulcimer of yours !