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Off duty for an hour while Mary takes coffee with friends, still wearing the alarm buzzer tho', hence the 'air of expectation' !!! Played 'noter/drone' on a replica early Virginia 'D' ended style dulcimer, mean tone fretted, 26" VSL, with 0.022 nickle wound, & 0.012, 0.011 plain steel strings tuned DAc...
John Henry
12/22/14 03:14:50PM @john-henry:

Lexie, Pam, thanks for listening, comments much appreciated ! It's safe to say that when I play a tune, like others, I am usually drawing from the wealth of musicians I have heard play it previously, and so I owe them a thank you as well ?


Lexie R Oakley
12/22/14 10:52:40AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you John, I love watching your technique with strumming and noting.

It is quite the dramatic song to me and you play it beautifully. It is fun how you can make a song your own.

John Henry
02/20/14 05:48:44PM @john-henry:

Thanks for listening Duane, commented appreciated !


(if you have the time, check out one of my other posted vids, "A Song for Patty" , it reflects a standing joke with one of our members, lol. Never mind that I murdered the tune, do you know it's proper name?)

Robin Thompson
02/19/14 07:31:33PM @robin-thompson:
John, I'd paddle the outhouse to you if we could get her watertight. :)I loved the little changes you made!
John Henry
02/19/14 06:34:23PM @john-henry:

Robin, I'll swop it for your lovely 'outhouse', you to arrange and pay for transport ? As for notes not typically heard in this tune, to paraphrase something a well known Englishman once said to Andre' Previn " I usually play all the right notes, but not always in the right order 26.gif "! I feel I have the right to use that expression whenever, 'cos it suits my 'unmusical' approach to playing the dulcimer !!!

best wishes and thanks for listening


Robin Thompson
02/18/14 08:06:21PM @robin-thompson:
I hope I will (again) be forgiven for coveting this lovely instrument, John! :) You played some noted not typically heard in the tune and it's wonderful.So pleased for you both that there has been some improvement with Mary's health. Mark and I send our love!
John Henry
02/18/14 05:56:14PM @john-henry:

Thank you Maryann. comment appreciated !


Maryann Lang
02/18/14 04:03:13PM @maryann-lang:

Nicely done -- like your strumming style!

John Henry
02/18/14 02:59:20PM @john-henry:

Thank you for listening Brian, and thanks for finding time to comment


Brian Blaine
02/17/14 07:19:52PM @brian-blaine:

Beautiful rendition of the song and an exceptionally nice sounding instrument! Thank you for sharing.Smile.gif

John Henry
02/17/14 06:36:34PM @john-henry:

Thanks Rick, have missed you (I know from past experience how the ups and downs of a life in education can muck up what you to do, when you want to do it) Don't know how many more there will be, I'm getting old and there appear to be less hours in the day somehow, need people like you to 'keep the noter moving'

best wishes


Rick Kennedy
02/16/14 08:54:07PM @rick-kennedy:

Great post, John Henry--reminds me why I switched to N/D when I first started (because of your videos!). Beautiful instrument, too! I need to get back to FOTMD more frequently--I'm playing just enough to maintain the progress I made and not fall behind. Looking forward to summer break for more playing time and JH video-watching time!Grin.gif

John Henry
02/16/14 05:42:14PM @john-henry:

Thank you Peter, good to see you posting again, I do look forward to what you have to share !


Peter W.
02/16/14 02:13:39PM @peter-w:

Great noter-drone playing, John! I tuned my Ginger to Gdf for minor pieces - and I have to try that one! Thanks for sharing!

John Henry
02/16/14 12:38:55PM @john-henry:

Geekling! I must say that you seem to lead a very exciting life18.gif one way or 'tother, makes mine look positively pedestrian (tho' I must confess to having had 'value' from our National health service in the not so distant past,30.gif should also say that we both paid into it from the start !!!)

Soulful flow? sounds like some 60's alternative pop group............

thanks for listening


John Henry
02/15/14 05:26:17PM @john-henry:

Many thanks Patty !


Patty from Virginia
02/15/14 03:24:25PM @patty-from-virginia:

Very nice JH!!!113.gif

John Henry
02/15/14 03:07:16PM @john-henry:

Marion, forgot to compliment on your excursion into the world of instrument building, great move, and of course you will have to play it for us ! (Paul recently acquired a MacNally (sp?) strum stick, which he seems to enjoy. Thanks for the photos


John Henry
02/15/14 09:26:59AM @john-henry:

Thank you John, comment appreciated ! I wish that I could make the Kentucky meet ! (well, how about's I pay for the chair and you find the rest ???)


John Henry
02/15/14 09:24:54AM @john-henry:

Thanks Rob, that is always the intention, lol ! Like most of'em , the instrument's soundimproves the more it is played ! Thanks for listening