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Bright Shines the Moon

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On a Kevin Messenger 'Pritchard' Replica - my first attempt!
John Henry
08/27/14 11:32:04AM @john-henry:

Hey, do'nt get cocky, I do believe that you are still leaning on skills of Clair and Jenny .................?


(and for those of you who made the assumption it was me 'doing the business with an ? I Pad ? must be joking !!!)

Paul Crocker
08/27/14 10:03:39AM @paul-crocker:
thanks everyone. I have just joined the 21st century and got an I pad ! good to join you all at last. I can keep an eye on the old man now!
john p
08/27/14 08:01:06AM @john-p:

Hi Paul,

Good to see your smiling face hereSmile.gif

08/27/14 04:37:43AM @macaodha:

Nice one Paul, a real blast from the past. Great to see you playing.

Marion Seaman
08/27/14 04:35:20AM @marion-seaman:

well done Paul! look forward to more of that at Launde - will you be there this year? As for the techie stuff its clear the younger generation need to rely on us oldies to sort them out - eh JH? LOL

regards Marion

Brian G.
08/26/14 10:57:17PM @brian-g:

Very nice! :)

John Keane
08/26/14 10:25:10PM @john-keane:

I like Patty's idea...duets are cool! Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
08/26/14 10:19:22PM @patty-from-virginia:

Paul, you did great for your first attempt. Like father, like sonGrin.gif Can we get a duet from you two? That would be awesomeSmile.gif

Rob N Lackey
08/26/14 08:47:28PM @rob-n-lackey:

Very nice, Paul. I like that tune.

08/26/14 08:30:59PM @strumelia:

Hey this is wonderful to see! A family tradition continues....

Looks like you will have to teach Paul how to post his own videos, John Henry? We can't have you two being site 'scofflaws', after all!

Kevin Messenger
08/26/14 08:25:14PM @kevin-messenger:
Nicely done Paul, Shocked your dad let you play his new toy.LOL
James Phillips
08/26/14 07:25:21PM @james-phillips:

very nice!

John Henry
08/26/14 07:21:43PM @john-henry:
As stated above, a first attempt at posting on FOTMD, using a new 'tablet' (duh ???), the attentions of two 'interested' computer savvy daughters, and his fathers recent aquisition, a Kevin Messenger, mean tone fretted, replica 'Pritchard'! This comment by proxy, to be adusted at some future date.Glad to have you with us PaulJohnH