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Shall We Gather at The River

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Played noter/drone on an Ash and Douglas Fir dulcimer in the style of a John Mawhee Walking Cane, mean tone fretted, strung with 0.018 plain steel strings tu...
Cynthia Wigington
11/20/14 11:03:13AM @cynthia-wigington:

Very helpful comments John when I get to that point. I have a walnut kit to finish, and another thing to tend to before I can get either, but I guess it's the Prichard eventually.

John Henry
11/20/14 08:57:59AM @john-henry:

Thanks for the comment Cynthia ! Just a thought that might help in decision making ? The Mahwee might be seen as harder to play (strings at high tension!) plus it tends to move about a bit ? It could also be seen to offer limitation in range of playing options ? It is the dulcimer I pick up least ! On the other hand it has a big voice ! I stress these are my opinions, others may have completely different views, and that I respect !


(and I suspect that you can get a 'mean toned' Pritchard replica from Kevin these days !)

Cynthia Wigington
11/19/14 08:00:08PM @cynthia-wigington:

That's a mighty pretty singer, indeed. Hard to decide between this and a Prichard. I like the size and voice of these though, very much. Most cheerful.

John Henry
09/26/14 07:03:42PM @john-henry:

Chuckle, it certainly has Cheryl, thank you for making comment !


Cheryl Johnson
09/25/14 10:18:21PM @cheryl-johnson:

Sounds great!! That little baby has a set of lungs eh??

09/20/14 08:51:04AM @macaodha:

Watching your video again,mesel and Mary as we are having a cup of tea, Mary is really enjoying you playing John. Regards.

John Henry
09/20/14 08:06:28AM @john-henry:

Val, Brian, thank you both for making comment, much appreciated !


09/20/14 04:23:14AM @macaodha:

John very impressed with your playing, notes clear and crisp, right hand movement beautiful. Excellent video fair play to you John.

Brian G.
09/19/14 08:34:14PM @brian-g:

That sounds great John Henry. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. :)

John Henry
09/18/14 06:34:52PM @john-henry:

Comment appreciated Jeffrey, thank you for warching !


jeffrey charles foster
09/18/14 03:10:15PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Grin.gif great song!!!

John Henry
09/17/14 06:22:26PM @john-henry:

Thank you Cindy, all down to the opening sequence to the Western, 'The wild Bunch'

best wishes


John Henry
09/17/14 06:21:06PM @john-henry:

Geeks, if anyone can speculate on just how much 'noise' little ones can make it must be Keith !!!


John Henry
09/17/14 06:19:22PM @john-henry:

Thank you Patty, good to see you around a little more?!


Cindy Stammich
09/16/14 10:52:10PM @cindy-stammich:

John, I love this!Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
09/16/14 05:23:46PM @patty-from-virginia:

Great sound coming from that dulcimer. You did a wonderful job John Henry!!!Smile.gif

John Henry
09/16/14 03:26:58PM @john-henry:

Thank you Karen, comment much valued !


Karen Keane
09/15/14 08:21:07PM @karen-keane:
Hey JH...I love the sound of that dulcimer. That was very, very well played great job.
Marion Seaman
09/15/14 07:47:19PM @marion-seaman:
not sure about bath John - have major kitchen renovation ongoing just now. will have to speak to him indoors. definitly making it to launde though :0)
Rob N Lackey
09/15/14 07:13:59PM @rob-n-lackey:

Thank you, JH, but that Mawhee isn't mine. I just gave the 1st one Kevin made a test drive to hopefully sell a few. I figured folks would listen and say, "the instrument sounds good, but I can play better than that."