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STAR IN THE EAST (Brightest And Best ?)

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Duration: 00:02:57
Variations of this Christian Harmony tune( second time something close to how Don Pedi does it?) played noter/drone on an all Cherry Teardrop 27" VSL, mean tone fretted dulcimer,strung with 0.022 nickle wound, 0....
Cynthia Wigington
04/06/17 03:00:08PM @cynthia-wigington:

I wanted to comment again on one of my favorites that you did John. Bless you and your music always.always.

John Henry
12/02/14 06:35:20PM @john-henry:

Thank you Gary, comment appreciated !


Gary McNaughton
12/02/14 03:46:35PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Sounds Great John Henry!
John Henry
11/28/14 05:31:40PM @john-henry:

Great to hear that you have the tune Lynn, even better to hear of the success of your venture into heuristic learning ! (just don't let Cynthia W know about your misuse of a crochet hook!) Dulcimer + Dorian = Delight in my book ?


Lynn austin
11/28/14 11:02:57AM @lynn-austin:
I finally got it....thank you so much for posting JH!!!!!!....I tuned my dulcimer to DaD and put a crochet hook under the bass D string to get it in EaD without having to retune. What a fun song to play... I love the haunting sound of the Dorian mode!....This site is awesome....thanks for sharing so that we can all learn!
John Henry
11/27/14 05:58:40PM @john-henry:

Thanks Steph, one of the reasons I turned to mean toned fretting was that it seemed to me to have an affinity with the human voice, and as I always try to 'sing in' a new tune when learning it107.gif , the dulcimer makes my voice just a tad more bearable for me to have to listen to, lol !


John Henry
11/26/14 03:03:51PM @john-henry:

Thanks Patty (good to see you posting again !)


Patty from Virginia
11/25/14 09:33:08PM @patty-from-virginia:

Well, I have missed this one. This is very beautiful John Henry.41.gif41.gif41.gif

John Henry
11/25/14 03:23:01PM @john-henry:

Bob ! you've whetted my appetite now, any chance of you posting a 'banjo' rendition ? I can't play the banjo, but will try it on bowed psaltery later, lol


John Henry
11/25/14 03:18:42PM @john-henry:

jp ! Thanks for the input, always good to get direction ! Having said that, my immediate thought is "why do I need more light?" For some while now (ever since someone suggested I wear a brown paper bag over my head, lol) if I have strived for direction in my postings, it has been toward featuring my hands and the instrument, this in response to many queries as to 'how do you get......? sort of thing, and direct response seems to indicate that this approach has been useful to some folk! I have long since abandoned the thought that my dress or phsyical appearance lends anything to my playing, in fact I believe they may well act as a distraction !!! On a more practical plane, I am somewhat restricted as to where I can play/record, room layout makes it difficult to use a floodlight as you suggest, even if I had one! I was using a 'daylight' desk lamp, was also facing a large window (tho' is was chucking it down outside, with a sky to suit) and was wearing my 'work clothes' as put on that morning, ( am appreciative of 'black v white', I lectured in construction/design long enough to have absorbed the concepts involved there). I should also state that I cannot be selective as to when I play, it depends on if I can squeeze time away from other things I should be doing , all rather badly focused, rushed and ill prepared. Sorry !. Tho' like Ken (thanks friend) I think the general ambience of mood, tune, and lighting comes together reasonably well.

(the lighting must be be reasonable, 'cos my son has taken me to task about obvious signs of my lack of 'dusting' expertise being in evidence. Sigh, back to the feather duster !!!)

best wishes


robert schuler
11/25/14 02:00:29PM @robert-schuler:
Spent yesterday playing it on clawhammer banjo. Today on bowed psaltery... Thanks again John for resurrecting this song... Bob.
Ken Backer
11/25/14 01:08:03PM @ken-backer:

LOL good one, John. And I certainly agree that natural light is the best.

john p
11/25/14 12:31:17PM @john-p:

Now don't go getting all arty on me Ken Smile.gif

I don't disagree with anything you say though, the dulcimer is the star here and is very well lit.
The main problem with adding lights is always getting some sort of balance and managing shadows and reflections.
Why you can't beat lots of natural light IMHO.

Ken Backer
11/25/14 11:55:42AM @ken-backer:

John, just to be on the other side of the coin, low light and dark surroundings can add a certain mood to the video depending on the song. I think the visual for this video matches the tune, but it all depends on what you are going for.

john p
11/25/14 11:17:06AM @john-p:

Hi JH,

A couple of things you might try to improve your visuals, you're not really getting enough light in this latest one.

If you're playing during the day try facing a large window.

If it's in artificial light try adding a flood or spot light behind the camera, a well placed 'standard lamp' may help some. The florescent tube on a stick sort of thing used by decorators could be ideal.

Don't wear black in low light situation - black absorbs light, white reflects it.

Ken Backer
11/25/14 10:30:41AM @ken-backer:

John Henry, I am finally getting around to adding my own comment, too busy digesting the others comments and treads. Your playing of this is absolutely beautiful and I love the way it builds throughout the piece. I envy all you fine instrumentalist players. I can't read tab and agree with what was said earlier about having more freedom when playing if you are not bound by a rigid format. For my videos, I just use the video feature of my Canon Rebel camera. It has two built in microphones and I feel it does a fair job.

John Henry
11/24/14 06:06:52PM @john-henry:

Hi Helen ! No excuse now thanks to johnp, and you have a wide selection of dulcimers to choose from, lol !



John Henry
11/24/14 06:05:26PM @john-henry:

Looking forward to hearing you play something Lexie ! Pam, I use a Zoom Q3not perfect 'visuals, but the sound ain't bad ?


Lexie R Oakley
11/24/14 12:50:21PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Love that tune John. Once I get tunes down I won't be tab bound.

Thank you for playing for us, I learn from you each time I see you and hear you play.

Much appreciated.Grin.gif

John Henry
11/24/14 10:31:06AM @john-henry:

LOL, and there's not many of us that knows what that means now !

be safe