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The Wexford Carol (forJoy W)

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Duration: 00:02:08
An Irish carol relating to the Nativity,reputedly dating from the 12th c, here played noter/drone on an all cherry teardrop meantone fretted dulcimer, strung 0.022 wound, 0.012 &0.012 plain steel, tuned Bbb.
Joy W.
10/10/16 12:01:40AM @joy-w:

I'm not sure how I missed this video when you first posted it, but I love it! My apologies for being nearly two years late to the party, but now that I've heard you play it, I'll be pulling this one up again closer to the holidays. Beautifully done. clapper

Marion Seaman
12/19/14 02:31:10AM @marion-seaman:
i should have emigrated; and come back when the grand design was finished!!! more like an exhausted wreck than domestic goddess.........all done apart from the finishing bits and pieces so hopefully i can get back to some playing (and relaxing) with me dulcimer.Marion
John Henry
12/18/14 06:16:48PM @john-henry:

Even watching !!!

John Henry
12/18/14 06:16:12PM @john-henry:

Hi Marion, I thought that you had emigrated lol, or else that new kitchen had turned you into a domestic goddess ??? Thanks for warching


Marion Seaman
12/18/14 05:48:59AM @marion-seaman:

that was lovely john. you are really a very fine dulcimer player and particularly the noter variety. only just caught up with this as i have to fire up the macbook to se a lot of the videos on here - iPad doesn't work for all of them. happy christmas.

regards M

John Henry
12/16/14 06:11:40PM @john-henry:

Thank you Brian !


Brian G.
12/15/14 08:06:20PM @brian-g:

Beautiful John Henry!

Cindy Stammich
12/15/14 07:34:36PM @cindy-stammich:

John, I am sorry you don't get out much, but you can be sure that we are enjoying this part of your social life!

Sure glad to be on the receiving end of your wonderful videos!!!Smile.gif

John Henry
12/15/14 06:12:39PM @john-henry:

Guy, after the initial shock of hearing my voice they would certainly earn their bread these days ! T'wasnt always thus though!


John Henry
12/15/14 06:09:25PM @john-henry:

Cindy, to share is my pleasure ! I don't get out much these days, posting music presents another way to socalise ?

best wishes


John Henry
12/15/14 06:07:47PM @john-henry:

Rick, I remember that feeling, the Autumn term seemed to last forever ! Yes, I have got used to playing 'all down there' now, it seems helpful to folk trying to follow what I do ?

thanks for making comment


Guy Babusek
12/15/14 05:47:18PM @guy-babusek:

LOL! You might be surprised John!!!

John Henry
12/15/14 03:06:45PM @john-henry:

Guy ! I would hate to destroy their faith in themselves, lol, I was using sarcasm against myself !


Guy Babusek
12/15/14 10:27:33AM @guy-babusek:

Actually, I know of several in the UK John!

John Henry
12/15/14 02:59:15AM @john-henry:

Thanks Guy, it is one of my favourite Carols, grew up singing it in a Church choir , something I can't do now !

best wishes


(you don't happen to know of a decent voice coach do you, lol)

Rick Kennedy
12/15/14 02:30:14AM @rick-kennedy:

Semester's over--time to catch up on some John Henry videosGrin.gif ! Great tune, JH--goes on right to the Dulcimer Christmas playlist. Great camera angle, too!

Cindy Stammich
12/14/14 07:56:57PM @cindy-stammich:

John, I love this - and I sure do love your style!Smile.gif

This is sooooo pretty!!!

Thank you for sharing!

John Henry
12/14/14 06:56:22PM @john-henry:

Thanks Robin, lol, she has'nt got membership here, hence the ' sneaked in' (if push comes to shove 115.gif

she can be found on Facebook ???)


John Henry
12/14/14 06:53:46PM @john-henry:

Stanley, and Lexie, really appreciate you watching and making comment ! Proficient musician I ain't but I do love sharing what I do, 'cos that's the way I learnt, listening to others !



Stanley Adams
12/14/14 03:43:40PM @stanley-adams:

Your recordings are always so beautiful John Henry. Really enjoyed this one!