Mill Branch Dulcimores


Location: Upper Mill Branch Holler
Country: USA

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Hold On, (Keep your hand to the plow)

Hold On, (Keep your hand to the plow)

style or instrument: Dewdrop Concert Model X

musician/member name: Bobby Ratliff

streams: 22


Tuned E5, E3, D4, D4
Mill Branch Dulcimores
06/14/22 10:39:56AM @mill-branch-dulcimores:

Thanks everyone!

Steven Berger
06/14/22 09:12:35AM @steven-berger:


06/13/22 05:41:36AM @greg-gunner:

Bobby not only makes a mighty fine traditional dulcimer, he can play a traditional dulcimer with exquisite timing and expression.  He sets a high standard for the rest of us.

06/13/22 05:16:49AM @dan:


Noah Cline
06/12/22 09:00:35PM @noah-cline:

Man that sounds good! That extra high drone gives it a little bit of a 5-string banjo feel. 

Robin Thompson
06/12/22 04:52:47PM @robin-thompson:

Bobby, that Dewdrop model has a cool vibe.