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Old Joe Clark for James

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Duration: 00:01:48
Old Joe Clark for September Challenge. Played on Dulcimer made by Dan Cox - "Big Red"
Patty from Virginia
07/26/17 08:58:51PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thank you, Lizard. I too like to play the videos of others on this site and play along with them. It's fun. I've also been able to jam with some of the members in person and that's really fun. If you are anywhere close to the northern part of West Virginia, Morgantown, you are welcome to attend our Wartz and All Gatherings. They are a blast. 

07/26/17 06:40:28PM @lizard30:

thanks! sounds great!  and I enjoyed grabbing a noter and playing along with you in my living room!nod

Patty from Virginia
07/26/17 08:42:34AM @patty-from-virginia:

Matt, Thank you!!! You will discover others on this site that are much better noter players than I am. You should check out sound clips from Robin Clark and Dan Cox. happys

Cindy Stammich
04/24/17 11:02:46PM @cindy-stammich:

Patty!  This is great!  Obviously I am way behind....but glad I am getting caught up!  smiler

Patty from Virginia
01/28/16 06:31:50PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thank you John happys

John W. McKinstry
01/27/16 06:22:08PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks for that lively song.  I almost felt like I was hearing a fiddle too.  It wanted me to dance.

Thanks again. John

Patty from Virginia
10/09/15 09:45:01PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks Jack! I love that song too. That's one of the three my friend Carrie was teaching me. 

Jack Ferguson
10/09/15 09:11:41PM @jack-ferguson:

Very good Patty! Love that song.

Patty from Virginia
09/19/15 09:31:42PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks Tom! Yes, we are close! We have I66 and US 29 in common, LOL

Patty from Virginia
09/12/15 06:52:51PM @patty-from-virginia:

Annie, Thank you!!! You will play well. Just keep playing and practicing. I still have a long ways to go. There are lots of people here on this web site that love to help us become better dulcimer musicians. If you get stuck or have questions just holler (post a discussion) happys

Annie Deeley
09/10/15 05:00:56PM @annie-deeley:

Patty, I want to play like that someday, thanks! 

Patty from Virginia
09/08/15 06:32:07PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks Paul, Ken!!! I appreciate your comments!

Ken Backer
09/08/15 04:01:24PM @ken-backer:

Hi, Patty.  Just watched this on Facebook!  Real fine playing!

Patty from Virginia
09/07/15 08:49:21PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thank you all for your kind comments! I have 5 dulcimers and I love them all. 

John Keane
09/07/15 06:16:57PM @john-keane:

Very nicely done!

Ben Barr Jr
09/07/15 04:38:37PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice one Patty!

Gordon Hardy
09/07/15 01:30:53PM @gordon-hardy:

Great to see you play Patty and lovely sounding instrument.

Kevin Messenger
09/07/15 12:46:40PM @kevin-messenger:

Very nicely done Patty, and that dulcimore sounds real nice.


Gail Webber
09/07/15 12:25:28PM @gail-webber:

Nice playing, Patty, and "Big Red" has a really nice sound!

Lexie R Oakley
09/07/15 12:20:12PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Hi Patty, love the sound of your "Big Red" and seeing you play, that was terrific!