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Location: Upper Mill Branch Holler
Country: USA

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You gotta move

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:34
Played on a Little Lynzie Anne travel dulcimer tuned cgg.
Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/30/18 11:57:57AM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


What a lovely tune and scenery!

Thank you!

09/30/18 09:38:18AM @ariane:

What a lovely tune and scenery!

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/29/18 09:21:53PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:

John Keane:

Soundin' great Bobby!

Thanks friend

John Keane
09/29/18 03:40:57PM @john-keane:

Soundin' great Bobby!

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/29/18 11:04:50AM @slate-creek-dulcimers:

Terry Wilson:

Thanks friend! Appreciate that! 

Terry Wilson
09/29/18 11:03:00AM @terry-wilson:

Hey Bobby

As always, love the sound of your dulcimers.  You sound pretty dog gone good yourself.

This video turns my anticipation level up.  It's all good, and you know what I mean.

Cindy Stammich
09/28/18 11:16:15PM @cindy-stammich:

Awe - I am glad you posted it!  It was great....just the way you recorded it!

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 11:04:52PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:

Cindy Stammich:

Thank you! The rain was a little louder than I thought, and I thought about not posting it.

Cindy Stammich
09/28/18 11:00:19PM @cindy-stammich:

That Little Lynzie Anne sure sounds sweet!  Love the down home feel of the video!

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 07:55:25PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


Cool! All the models I make have hollow fretboards except two. This one is so tiny I think it's more sensitive to the solid fretboard though

09/28/18 06:22:30PM @foundryrat:

For what it's worth, my two George Hendrickson dulcimers have hollow fret boards and project well, although they are big boys with 29" VSL.

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 04:58:46PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:

Dusty Turtle:

Correct. That's what I assume the difference is. 

Dusty Turtle
09/28/18 04:52:18PM @dusty-turtle:

I would imagine that a hollow fretboard would also allow the soundboard to vibrate more, correct?

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 04:12:38PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


Yes that's possible. I think the weight and stiffness of the fretboard makes a lot of difference on such a tiny dulcimer too

09/28/18 04:04:44PM @strumelia:

Interesting. Maybe having a hollow fretboard in some way increases the total volume of resonant chambers space without increasing the main body chamber size?

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 03:22:04PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


Thank you! I think they sound good for the size. I'm still tweaking them for sound. The Cumberland sounds even better and I think it's due to the fretboard being narrow and hollow. So the next little Lynzie Anne I build I'm going with a hollow fretboard.

09/28/18 02:48:00PM @strumelia:

Bobby, so many 'travel dulcimers' have a thin plinky tone. In contrast, yours sounds rich and sweet!  That'd be such an easy and satisfying dulcimer to take along when traveling.  yes

Slate Creek Dulcimers
09/28/18 10:29:48AM @slate-creek-dulcimers:



Thank you Sam!

09/28/18 05:24:59AM @sam:

SWEET! Sweet little dulcie, sweet music and sweet pups. You got it goin' on Bobby. :)