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John Henry
04/21/17 02:39:20AM @john-henry:

It used to play full length, I will see if I can find it.................but have changed computers, and my grandkids love 'tidying things up'.    I won't promise a definite 'repost' 'cos I seem to have 'lost' any desire to make music this days.........maybe ?




04/20/17 01:33:44PM @strumelia:

Yeah, I bet Jim is sneaking about trying to learn a few "Aulde Englishe" tunes so he can fit in...  giggle2

04/20/17 01:31:48PM @strumelia:

I think I vaguely recall it always having cut off at 1:53, even many years ago.  JH- you could upload the original video to Youtube now if you still have it, and it would then be like brand new.  Certainly would be worthwhile and would make your many 'fans' happy!

This was originally uploaded to our fotmd site on Ning, back in 2010... on our new site here members cannot actually upload videos to the site directly- you have to add them via either Youtube or Vimeo.  (that means fotmd won't have to pay more and more to host our approximately 2,500 videos and counting).

John Henry
04/20/17 03:06:14AM @john-henry:

 Chuckle, I suspect Jim is seeking out 'common ground', some tunes that we might play together when he gets to Bristol UK next month !

You are correct Jan, it does cut out as you describe.........perhaps its due to it being a long time resident here and not much used ?

Thank you for liking it..................good to remember that I doubt you will find 'the middle bit' shown in any SMN............I just sorta played it as infill



Jan Potts
04/19/17 01:46:21PM @jan-potts:

I'm not sure how Jim Fawcett found this in order to "like it", but I'm glad he did--and glad his liking it showed up on the Home page--because I wanted to refresh this tune in my mind.  I really like this version and the video is clear enough to help others learn the tune. 

When I play the video, however it always just stops at 1:53 and won't complete the rest...anyone else have that issue?  It's supposed to be 2 min. 22 sec. in duration.

Brian G.
01/07/12 07:24:21AM @brian-g:

John Henry - this is excellent. I always play this faster, but I really like the meditative, plaintive quality of it here. Very nice!

John Henry
08/14/10 07:13:09AM @john-henry:
Hi there Strumelia, thanks for comment, and its all down to some site I found awhile ago,"Mountain Dulcimer Noter and Drone Blog"! LOLJohn
John Henry
08/14/10 07:07:33AM @john-henry:
Randy, thanks for comment and for noticing my changed grip. I wonder where I got that notion from LOL!!!my regardsJohn
08/13/10 11:01:16PM @strumelia:
Very lovely version, John Henry.
Randy Adams
08/13/10 08:22:41PM @randy-adams:
It's a pretty tune John Henry...I'd never heard it before. You sure make a nice looking dulcimer....& that side by side noter hold looks real comfortable for you.
John Henry
08/13/10 03:18:09AM @john-henry:
Folkfan. I have done no research on the tune, the basis of my remarks comes from stuff that is offered on TV here, and what was loosely referred to as 'county dancing' which I and other boys in the class were forced to do during what passed for music lessons at school during the second world war. Boots with heavily studded soles, the bottom hanging out of my trousers, soppy music, and GIRLS! Ugh! It did nothing to encourage me to dance later in life, much to my wife's disgust, but I did remember the name 'Nonsuch'!I bow to your superior knowledgeregardsJohn
08/13/10 02:14:58AM @folkfan:
Your info on the Nunsuch or Nonesuch doesn't quite agree with mine. The extravagant lift dance done by partners sounds more like the LaVolta which was as I understand the only dance where the couple held each other closely. It was one of Elizabeth I's favorite dances.I understood that the Nunsuch or Nonesuch was a 4 couples long set dance with an interweaving pattern of changing partners.Anyway it's a lovely tune and really pretty song.
John Henry
08/12/10 11:33:59PM @john-henry:
Robin's last remark prompted my memory, and I now recall that Nonsuch was the first tune that I played outside of the safety of home, ie. in a pub with lots of really accomplished musicians in attendance. I was playing it on my Ham. Dulc., which I rest on my knees, these were knocking so much that I kept hitting wrong notes as the dulcimer moved, and nerves resulted in me playing faster and faster 'just to get it over with'. Never the less, if sorta became my 'party piece' after that.Does anyone else remember what they played on their public debut ?JohnH
John Henry
08/12/10 11:04:27PM @john-henry:
Folkfan, I am pleased that you became inspired by my Nonsuch, which as you now know (from your SMN) was played sorta 'free form'. It is a simple tune which is said to have been a dance, where variety was introduced by extravagant lifts of the lady by the man, with the tempo being increased as the dance progressed. I used to have great success playing it in pub sessions on my Ham. Dulc. starting slowly and increasing speed all the time, sorta 'may the best man win' !!! Sounds a bit basic, but was always well received for such a simple tune !my regardsJohn
08/12/10 10:20:16PM @folkfan:
Your video got me searching for a simple SMN for Nonesuch. I was hoping to be able to learn to play it. Well, I came upon traditional words for the tune. So sing I can now sing it, I definitely will be able to learn it. Yippee. Thanks for the inspiration.
John Henry
08/10/10 02:41:46AM @john-henry:
Thanks Robin, (you do have some great dulcimers !!!)John
Robin Thompson
08/09/10 11:01:58PM @robin-thompson:
Wonderfully played, John Henry, and the dulcimer's a beauty! I've got two dulcimers with butternut tops (a Jerry Rockwell and a Keith Young) and love them.
Guy Babusek
08/09/10 03:07:09AM @guy-babusek:
Sublime! Thank you.
Michael Vickey
08/06/10 05:59:14PM @michael-vickey:
I like this, John.Michael
John Henry
08/06/10 03:01:41PM @john-henry:
Thank you Flint Hill. I am not familar with Jean's "None But One", I shall seek it out.John