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A Breton Dance

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Duration: 00:01:36
I first heard this tune in July 2003, while attending the 'Fete des Brodeues' in pont-L'Abbe, Brittany, France. It was being danced to by a collection of very tall ladies complete with beautiful lace hats and aprons ( each region in Brittany has its own style of costume, and manner of producing lace). Never did get to know the name of the tune. Sorry ! Played here noter/drone on an early Virginia style instrument, VSL 26", fretted to a mean tone scale, strung with 0.022 nickel wound, 0.013 and 0.012 plain steel strings, tuned DAc.
John Henry
09/26/14 03:06:19PM @john-henry:

Izzy, Gary, and Paul ! Comments very much appreciated !


Paul Killian
09/25/14 10:58:54PM @paul-killian:

Very pretty song, well played. Thank you.

Gary McNaughton
09/25/14 07:09:33PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Thats a good tune John Henry and well played Gary
John Henry
10/04/12 06:38:16AM @john-henry:

Good to hear from you Patric, and thank you for the comment. Would love to hear your version (and would also like to know its 'name', lol)

best wishes


Blue Hand
10/03/12 05:26:53PM @blue-hand:

What a great tune! Nicely played!

I play a variation of this song as well, and as far as i know it is an Andro (type of Breton dance), but i cant tell which one it is. I am searching for the right name for quite some time now, but nonetheless, it is a wonderful tune :D

08/16/12 01:26:31PM @foggers:

Nah then John Henry - oop here in Northern parts we don't pass comment on t'furniture, and we dun't take too kind to references to t'Wicker Man cus that were a load o' twaddle tha knows.

But A'sl say this lad, tha reet knows how to mek a bonny sounding dulcimer, and tha's spot on wi' playin' a fine toon an all. Tha's dun reet gud.

John Henry
07/12/12 05:29:40PM @john-henry:

Karen, Val, Rob, and Randy. I very much appreciate the fact that you, and others, take time to view the stuff I post. I don't get 'out and about' to play too much these days, so take real pleasure in being able to exchange music with others ! And that's coming from a person who used to berate his grandchildren about the time they spent socialising on 'the net' and swore that he would never do the same ! 17.gif


Karen Keane
07/12/12 11:40:03AM @karen-keane:

Just wonderful. I loved the tune and the story. The chair was awesome too!Grin.gif

John Henry
07/12/12 10:27:08AM @john-henry:

To Brian and Wayne, a thank you, for listening, and finding time to comment !


Rob N Lackey
07/12/12 05:25:19AM @rob-n-lackey:

John Henry, that tune is lovely, as is your playing. That instrument sings sweetly as swept by your noter. I have no idea of the name either, but if I can learn it, it will be "John Henry's Breton Dance," in my mind.


John Henry
07/12/12 03:13:36AM @john-henry:

Dave, lol, I spent far too long making music in pubs where if you asked the name of a tune from the guy next to you it always seemed to be the same one ,ie "I don't know"

Dusty, Brittany has strong Celtic roots and a LOT of bagpipes, the odd drone that I added now and then made little difference

Carrie ! What with you linking me with the medieval, and Geekling with the Wicker Man, I am beginning to think I should do something about my image. At least Jim used the word nice!

Pattie, so far as a certain JK is concered, it is sometimes best to 'play possum'!


Randy Adams
07/11/12 10:35:56PM @randy-adams:

Thx for letting us listen John Henry. You have such a unique and beautiful style of play & love your choice of tunes.

John Henry
07/11/12 06:17:06PM @john-henry:
Sam. From my first beginnings in posting videos I determined that for better or worse, I would try to show/tell folk what I was doing/and on what. It is only recently that I have felt some pressure to divert from that plan ,lol, and now look what has happened, The Geekling is linking me with the 'Wicker Man'. Glad that you enjoyed itJohnthat you enjoyed
Brian G.
07/11/12 06:02:27PM @brian-g:

John Henry - great tune, beautifully played. :) I enjoyed it very much.

John Henry
07/11/12 06:00:57PM @john-henry:

Sylvia, thank you so much for watching,always good to make someonehappy !. And Rick, my thanks to you also, I have watched ,listened to, and attempted to play some of the music that I have found in Brittany, and if you like bagpipe tuning ,its a goldmine for noter/drone dulcimer players. That bass 'hookup' that you commented on seems to fall naturally to me with some tunings, I'm not a 'musician', I just make and play, but it does add a bit of interest,IMO

Mr Keane ! I am always worried that what I do will fall short of your high standards, I never quite know what to wear ........ Ah!, the chair thing again, yes, we now have two, Mary (my wife) ,growing ever envious of me hogging the one, persuaded me that it might be wise if I purchased the second. She can be very persuasive!!!

thank you all for watching


John Henry
07/11/12 05:38:38PM @john-henry:

Truely Folkfan, and lots of 'em ! If you have time, catch a glimpse of two of this video

. (Not sure if I have carried out this operation correctly, please excuse my ineptiude. Thank you for watching


John Keane
07/11/12 04:36:30PM @john-keane:

Great...I give the man a complement and get abused... Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
07/11/12 04:21:26PM @patty-from-virginia:

Carrie, I like the pine cone idea24.gif Now if we could just make a possum board out of pine and not a possum24.gif24.gif I'm sure JH has figured us out by now35.gifGrin.gif

Cheryl Johnson
07/11/12 04:20:17PM @cheryl-johnson:

Really lovely!! I could see that ladies dancing. :)

Dusty Turtle
07/11/12 03:06:42PM @dusty-turtle:

Great job, John Henry! You really capture that medieval Celtic feel. Great tune for noter/drone playing.