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TMB - Now the Day is Over, played noter/drone

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Duration: 00:01:29
Exploration of new stringing arrangement, ie. 0.018, 0.010, 0.011, and 0,012 , all plain steel. Tuned D,A, d,d. noted on first string 0.012 only. 27" VSL, staple fetted, mean tone scale, poplar ...
James Phillips
11/04/13 07:43:58PM @james-phillips:

I know this song and you did a fantastic version!

John Henry
09/08/12 03:00:57PM @john-henry:

Hello Bill, kind of you to comment, it does not take much to make a reasonable sounding TMB, just so long as you do a bit of research and stick to the concept of making just that, a TMB ! It is easy to move away from the original, and not reach the desired end ?

If you care to look at 'my photos' you will find I posted pics of mine taken during its construction.


Karen Keane
08/31/12 08:12:11AM @karen-keane:

Beautifully done.

Dana R. McCall
08/29/12 10:03:21PM @dana-r-mccall:

That is a beautiful tune JH and your instrument sounds wonderful. Thank you

John Keane
08/29/12 09:50:36PM @john-keane:

Thanks Steph (I think lol). The worst of the, but we were told today not to report back to work until Tuesday due to impending conditions (and the wind is pickin' up pretty strong already). Thanks for the concern and I hope folks will keep those families in mind that are WAY more affected to this point.

John Keane
08/29/12 06:58:03PM @john-keane: ain't right lol. Grin.gif

Brian G.
08/29/12 07:43:33AM @brian-g:

John H - that was beautiful! Lovely tune and pretty instrument. And I know you're downsizing, but if you ever want to work on a harp-dulcimer, I'd love to talk to you about it. :)

John Henry
08/29/12 04:00:57AM @john-henry:

Thanks to all for listening and making comment ! For those who did 'nt recogise the tune, it is a hymn, I think the one that has been in my memory longest, I distinctly remember that my great grandfather, who lived out his last years in our house, often held me on his lap and sang this to me just prior to bedtime 28.gif , and he died in 1939,(when I was six!)

Dave, up until now, it had been strung with just three strings, 0.024 wound pb, 0.013 and 0.012 plain steel, I just fancied a change ! And as Sam has remarked the resultant sound ain't too bad 111.gif

Pattie/Carrie, you have some fantasic makers over there, some featured on this site whose work I admire greatly 77.gif , I'd love to be able to 'chew the fat' with some of them. Pattie, I have been downsizing recently, but still have thirteen to hand at the moment, not counting HD, psalteries etc9.gif . (well, it saves retuning all the time !!!)

Steph,it did turn out quiet, I must have been thinking about Rick at the time !! Rob, Wayne, unrelated question, any idea why JK is being so polite these days ? 39.gif

Val, I have had some class acts here in the house to learn from, as you well know !


08/29/12 02:33:10AM @sam:

Beautiful TMB and the sound is just amazing. Great vid!

John Keane
08/28/12 09:23:18PM @john-keane:

That TMB sounds great (the player ain't too shabby either)! Nicely done!

Rick Kennedy
08/28/12 08:24:20PM @rick-kennedy:

What a great tune, John. I happen to be listening (for the fourth time) at the end of a very tiring day while the sun is setting--this song and your way of playing it fits perfectly. Wait--let me turn it up again for the fifth playing so I don't have to hear mother yelling at offspring...ahhhh, peace...

Rob N Lackey
08/28/12 06:05:05PM @rob-n-lackey:

My, my, my... that is a great tune and very well played. Like the way you're not just strumming all the strings all the time.

Patty from Virginia
08/28/12 01:46:28PM @patty-from-virginia:

Nice tune John H. I have some questions for you. How many dulcimers and TMBs do you have and did you make them all? Some people might want you to move to the U.S. and make dulcimers for them so they won't have to pay the crazy shipping costs, LOL. Well, it may be the end of the day for you but those of us in the new prime meridian, east coast of US and Canada, it's midday.Grin.gif