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For John Henry, Father Halpin's Topcoat

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Duration: 00:02:08
Father Halpin's Topcoat, Wartz and All October 2013
04/30/20 12:06:13PM @strumelia:

I enjoyed watching this again on this grey rainy April morning in 2020.


John Henry
01/27/17 12:45:40AM @john-henry:

Much appreciated Rob !


Rob N Lackey
01/26/17 09:57:08PM @rob-n-lackey:

JH, I'm sure glad you enjoyed it again.  We play it every Wartz'n'All Gathering just for you!


01/26/17 04:58:34PM @strumelia:

Such a lovely setting to be with friends and play tunes...  love

Patty from Virginia
01/26/17 03:34:25PM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, you are very welcome!!!

John Henry
01/26/17 03:21:04PM @john-henry:

Just enjoyed this once more....thanks guys !


Cynthia Wigington
11/03/14 09:08:31AM @cynthia-wigington:

Patty listening to this was so much fun and a big help. I had tried it but it didn't take.

John Henry
10/16/13 05:57:14PM @john-henry:

OK, I've watched the other vid now !!!33.gif


John Henry
10/16/13 05:47:32PM @john-henry:

No worries Ken, I had already picked you out, sat in the location I would wish to be in myself, handy to somewhere to place stuff, close enough to see/hear the action, far enough away from it so as not to have to lead ! We might have a few things in common !!! Intrigued now, why was it difficult to keep straight faces 39.gif ?

best wishes


Ken Longfield
10/16/13 03:08:02PM @ken-longfield:

John Henry, I am sitting behind the guy in the pink shirt. The tub made a handy instrument holder and there was a nice variety of beer. Glad you enjoyed our little performance. We certainly had a hard time keeping straight faces.

John Henry
10/16/13 10:47:09AM @john-henry:

Now I was'nt going tocomment onthat Kevin !!! but now you mention it............102.gif

Wish I had been there,soaking in that tub,beerin one hand, conductors baton in the other,would have done wonders for all me aches and pains !!!

best wishes


Kevin Messenger
10/16/13 10:32:50AM @kevin-messenger:

That is my evil twin brother JH , he can't play or build a decent dulcimer, got a bald spot on top too. Really I was rushing around that morning and didn't realize I forgot to cover the shiny spot up. LOL

Jim Fawcett
10/16/13 06:23:48AM @jim-fawcett:

LOL, now I know who you mean...His hat has mysteriously disappeared. Don't know why either.

John Henry
10/16/13 06:20:15AM @john-henry:

Sure did Jim 41.gif thanks again! As for the guy in the corner,he'swearing a sorta pinkish shirt, and playing a darkish colour, rough lookingdulcimer? I keep wanting to put a hat on him for some reason 3.gif !


(you're up early ???)

Jim Fawcett
10/16/13 06:00:34AM @jim-fawcett:

Glad you enjoyed it, John. It had a lot more to it, but it was left on the cutting room floor. We gave it our best Wartz try so there ya are. Guy in the bottom RH corner? What color shirt?

Dusty, dancing's good. Glad the dog liked it, too.

John Henry
10/16/13 02:50:04AM @john-henry:

41.gif41.gif41.gif What a great way to start my day ! Thanks to all you Wartz'n folk, this almost makes up for me not being there ! If only you could have produced a vid of a certain tin being opened and a certain person consuming contents, that would have been the real deal 3.gif . It looks to have been an enjoyable gathering in lovely surroundings, recognise some familiar faces, but who's the guy in the bottom RH corner............7.gif The posting has raised a problem tho', makes me realize that the 'bowed' version of this tune thatI posted here some time ago does not do the tune justice, you lot have !!!

thanks for the thought


Dusty Turtle
10/15/13 10:47:31PM @dusty-turtle:

Very cool. My daughter and I waltzed around the living room to that one. And the dog tried to join in.

10/15/13 09:48:57PM @strumelia:

Awesome! And such a pretty waltz!

All too short though...would love to hear it about three more times through.