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Psaltery Bow for Violin Uke (Ukelin)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:46
Made a psaltery bow for neighbor's violin uke (ukelin)
Black Dog Bess
07/18/16 04:26:27PM @black-dog-bess:

Oh well, forget about the violin uke I found. When getting used instruments, you never know what you are getting until it is there in front of you. Unfortunately, this one appeared to have spent the last 50 years in an damp attic or basement. All of the hitch pins were covered with rust so I refused it. Fortunately, when you buy used from Guitar Center you can return up to 45 days later so there was no problem there. It was interesting finding out about them so I don't feel badly about it. Onto the next instrumental adventure!  Barb

Black Dog Bess
07/08/16 09:53:26PM @black-dog-bess:

Here it is:  You may just have to google Violin Uke Guitar Center. Not a very good picture but I think it is a cousin to your neighbor's instrument. I am sure it probably needs new strings so I have to screw up my courage and get competent with zither pins. Fortunately, I got a good DVD with my bowed psaltery. Thank you for the web site, I had never even heard of this instrument before I saw it on line this morning. Sometimes your curiosity gets the best of you! I also saw your You Tube videos while searching for playing samples. Well done!  Blackdogbess

Patty from Virginia
07/08/16 06:39:10PM @patty-from-virginia:

Bess, here is a website for Ukelins and Violin Ukes, You can find some song sheets etc on this site. Please post a picture of what you have. I would love to see it. 

Black Dog Bess
07/08/16 02:23:52PM @black-dog-bess:

Hi Patty! Thanks for the great info on the ukelin! I just managed to find one on the used section at Guitar Center and decided to take a chance although I know nothing about the instrument. I do have bowed psalteries and bows so it is not a total mystery to me. I think it will look great hanging on the wall if nothing else! Hopefully I can end up dragging it to a Wartz and All some day. Thanks again for being so adventurous with stringed instruments.


Terry Wilson
10/18/15 02:40:57PM @terry-wilson:

The potential is phenomenal.   

Patty from Virginia
10/18/15 02:07:24PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks Helen!

Patty from Virginia
10/18/15 01:53:04PM @patty-from-virginia:

Terry, Here is a video of me trying out the bow on my neighbor's violin uke. Sorry I couldn't do a whole song. It was hard enough to hold the camera and play at the same time. I need to check up on my neighbors to see if they are playing it. 

Terry Wilson
10/18/15 01:17:15PM @terry-wilson:

Just watched your video, Patty.  That was a nice gesture for your neighbor.   You are quite the artesian.   I would love to see a photo of the violin ukulele.   Hopefully we'll get to hear it played using the bow.

Patty from Virginia
09/25/15 03:20:17PM @patty-from-virginia:

Bob, Thanks!!! I just heard from my neighbor today. Looks like we'll be trying it on the violin uke next week. I hope we can get some good music out of it.

Bob Reinsel
09/25/15 09:11:50AM @bob-reinsel:

Patty, great work on that.  It looks like it will work well.

Patty from Virginia
09/24/15 09:56:30PM @patty-from-virginia:

Thanks Lisa. I thought about the stick and the horse hair. That would have been the easiest way to go but my neighbors are really nice. They've been on our neighborhood watch for five years. I wanted to do something a little special for them and I received a scroll saw last Christmas. I just had to use that scroll sawhappys  

09/24/15 09:40:00PM @strumelia:

You are very handy Patty!  I'm impressed, nice job.   What a nice thing you did!

Patty from Virginia
09/24/15 06:00:27PM @patty-from-virginia:

Lexie, I hope so. At least I know it works on steel strings, lol. I contacted him to let him know I was making one for his violin uke. He seemed to be excited. 

Lexie R Oakley
09/24/15 05:53:01PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice, I am sure your neighbor will  really appreciate your gift.