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Buffalo Gals

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:23
I'm a dulcimer player
02/18/17 07:59:07PM @hugssandi:

~I would love to be able to play like this~

Dusty Turtle
01/24/17 02:56:20PM @dusty-turtle:

Randy, you shouldn't sell yourself short, for you are quite a unique wizard with that noter, but I do agree that Lorraine Lee Hammond can make that historic dulcimer sing.  Notice how she often slides to the next note almost immediately after strumming the previous note.  It gives her playing a forward momentum that most of us lack.

I believe she lives within a few miles of my folks just outside Boston; I'd love to meet her sometime when I visit back there.

Randy Adams
01/24/17 02:14:13PM @randy-adams:

Ha! That was in the days before the girls started throwing their panties on stage huh Dusty?

Thnx for watching my friends. I don't imagine this is very easy listening but it is a ton of fun to play.

I'd rather listen to Lorraine Lee Hammonds play it in the link below....now that's pretty...


Dusty Turtle
01/23/17 02:29:10AM @dusty-turtle:

Nice playing, Randy.  

Somewhere I read that originally bands would just use whatever town they were in for this song, so it would be "Shreveport Gals" one night and "Memphis Gals" the next night and then "Lincoln Gals" and so forth.  It was often played as the last song of the set, inviting women to party with the band after the show.

Steven Berger
01/22/17 08:37:45PM @steven-berger:

Nice, Randy!



Randy Adams
01/22/17 07:31:24PM @randy-adams:

Here's the vid got me to playing with BG. It's pretty new so perhaps not many have seen it. I like it.

01/22/17 06:43:21PM @dianapalmer:

Sounds good. That's some very lively playing.

I remember learning that song (singing) in early grade school. I didn't know there was a place called "Buffalo," so, I couldn't make any sense out of the song, like "What on earth is a Buffalo Gal?"