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Song of The Water Kelpie

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Duration: 00:03:45
Arrane Ghelbee Trad. Manx Tune By Linda Brockinton On My Dulcimer
Linda Jo brockinton
04/22/14 04:51:41PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Oops. That's love it!
Linda Jo brockinton
04/22/14 04:51:13PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Ty Louis I live it too!!
Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/27/13 03:22:24AM @mr-phil:


Linda Jo brockinton
11/18/13 11:56:16AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
I agree Linda... Thanks for your comment!
Linda Jo brockinton
11/18/13 10:49:29AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Hi John. I so agree , the pictures in this song are so clear... Like Fingals Cave which I love and played it in orchestra. That piece is so visual and when surrounded by the music it is an awesome experience to play it. I try to find out what the music is about and when I can't find info I often make up one in my mind. We forget often that every piece of music written was written by someone for a reason, part of their soul to speak. It's not just a bunch of notes or numbers. Thanks for your thoughts. Some great videos of Fingals Cave with some gorgeous pictures of the cave that inspired Mendelssohn to write it on YouTube.
John Henry
11/18/13 09:55:52AM @john-henry:

I live in the West Country here in England so am never very far from the sea, and listening to this again reminded me of times spent with my children looking at the gentle swell of an incoming tide and seeing the movement of the massed kelp at the waters edge ! Just like looking into the embers of a fire, it is easy to visualize all sorts of things, including in this case 'yer actual slimey Kelpie ! Just like the Loch Ness Monster, they are there , you just need to look hard !!! 109.gif


Linda Jo brockinton
11/17/13 02:52:22PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
James it's a maple custom with a spruce top. I just got a new one I'm excited about that has an even better sound. I'm excited. First one I've found in 10 yrs of looking. I look at sustain first, bass quality and tonal quality, good clear ringing upper register and harmonics . Hard to find in one dulcimer. Upper reg on most just thunk and sound muted and dead. This is walnut with a Engleman Spruce top . I usually prefer maple for fingerpicking but this one is perfect except go a dang 1 1/2 fret. I'm working on getting around that smoothly. Thanks
James Phillips
11/17/13 11:32:56AM @james-phillips:

Beautiful as always Linda! Which McSpadden are you using in this clip?

Patty from Virginia
11/13/13 09:18:19PM @patty-from-virginia:

Beautiful Linda!!!41.gif It's a pretty tune but I'm not so sure I would read the lyrics. Based on the comments I think I'll skip thatGrin.gif ...seems on par with Tom DooleyGrin.gif . Linda, I love to see you play. Thanks for posting!!!

11/13/13 07:27:03PM @folkfan:

Such a lovely tune for such a miserable beastie. The description I heard of the fae creature was that it was mean tempered vicious water spirit that lured human beings to their death by appearing as a horse or pony. Once the human, preferably a child, was on it's back, the kelpie would drown and devour the immobilized rider. And that they also enjoyed eating other fae. A little cannibalism in the Highlands of Scotland.24.gif

The tune you did was really pretty though. Enjoyed you playing it very much.

Karen Keane
11/13/13 06:25:13PM @karen-keane:
Loved it in Dulcimerville and I love it now. It is a tragic tale, but played beautifully.
John Keane
11/13/13 05:35:21PM @john-keane:

Everyone should have heard Linda tell the sad tale of this song at Dulcimerville. She was weeping as she told it, because she was laughing uncontrollably. Grin.gif

Robin Clark
11/13/13 05:16:25PM @robin-clark:

Wonderful playing LInda on both of your videos - just beautiful Smile.gif

Dusty Turtle
11/13/13 12:23:52PM @dusty-turtle:

It would make sense that the inhabitants of a small northern island would tell stories about the dangers of the sea. Too bad they didn't warn one another about the dangers of the Norsemen and Anglo-Saxons who really did eradicate them.

Gail Webber
11/13/13 11:46:54AM @gail-webber:

Absolutely beautiful and haunting at the same time!

Theresa Brill
11/13/13 11:37:20AM @theresa-brill:

This is beautiful!

Ben Barr Jr
11/13/13 08:54:04AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Alluringly wanting to pet a horse's mane....

Linda Jo brockinton
11/13/13 08:21:40AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
Lol the myth I read was that the water kelpie stories were told to the children to keep them out of the waters around the island that had an awful undertow. Children were told not to pet the beautiful horses because their hand would stick to it and it would drag them to the bottom of the ocean and kill them. One decided to to pet the nose but it still stuck and he cut off his own hand to save his life.... Lol such a sad story for such a beautiful song. John can tell ya . ... Lol
John Keane
11/13/13 05:49:04AM @john-keane:

Beautiful job! That's a real purdy one! Smile.gif

Miriam Storz
11/13/13 03:58:14AM @miriam-storz:

very very nice.