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Take It Easy

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:12
By Linda Brockinton
Mt dulcimer
08/15/20 11:26:42PM @irene:

Linda, this was sooooooooooooooooooo "cool" and you do make it look "easy" and I know it is not.  Love your style of playing.  I also noticed 2 harps and other instruments in the background.  do you play them as well.   I see in the photo on the wall, someone playing a hurdy gurdy.  That's an instrument I'd like to make someday.  I needed also to hear this for Irene to "take it easy".  much aloha, irene

John W. McKinstry
08/15/20 10:25:27PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Enjoyed "Take It Easy". Great advice and comforting music for these times.

John Keane
07/18/15 06:19:14AM @john-keane:

The process is a fun one indeed!  We're off to the LA Folkfest, but we'll holler later this weekend.  We love you too!

Linda Jo brockinton
07/17/15 08:08:21AM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Hey John. Thanks for the chord suggestion in the B part. Still tweeking it. Found a couple of other chord progressions to put in.  It is a fun process. " oh that sounds cool BUT this sounds better , or maybe this.........."

tell Karen hey. Lovyall 

John Keane
07/17/15 07:01:30AM @john-keane:

You snuck this one on here while we were on the turned out great!  It was neat listening to the "process" on this one for a couple of days before the final product!

Linda Jo brockinton
07/09/15 09:18:26PM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Thanks Steve! 


Ty Phillip. Maple with spruce top CGC

Linda Jo brockinton
07/09/15 09:17:20PM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Thanks Christine and Lexie!! 

Linda Jo brockinton
07/09/15 09:16:15PM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Thanks Stephanie! 

James Phillips
07/09/15 08:02:38PM @james-phillips:

very nice Linda thumbsup  Which particular McSpadden and tuning are you using in this clip?

Steve Battarbee
07/09/15 06:59:51PM @steve-battarbee:

Thats really nice Linda

I think Dusty said it in a nutshell

Lexie R Oakley
07/08/15 02:02:20PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thanks Linda, that was lovely.

Christine Shoemaker
07/08/15 11:55:59AM @christine-shoemaker:

Absolutely love it!  inlove   Thanks for posting this Linda!!!  

Bob Reinsel
07/08/15 11:40:56AM @bob-reinsel:

Soooo mellow.  :-)

Thanks Bob!

07/08/15 04:37:05AM @macaodha:

Lovely, nice start to a dull Wedensday morning.

Thanks Val! Have a great day. Hope it brightens up! L. B.

07/08/15 01:15:07AM @marg:


Thank you Marg!

Dusty Turtle
07/08/15 12:17:29AM @dusty:

This is beautiful, Linda.  Your playing on this one evokes a soft jazz guitar.  I expect to hear Dinah Washington or someone equally powerful start belting out some vocals after your sweet and rhythmic intro.

Thanks Dusty. It's been a stressful 5 months and I haven't played much. Sat down and started messing around and that fell out of my dulcimer, lol. I've really missed playing. L. B.

Joy W.
07/07/15 11:09:59PM @joy-w:

Very soothing. You have a lovely touch.

Thank you!! LB

Lynn austin
07/07/15 09:46:56PM @lynn-austin:

That was absolutely lovely peaceful to listen to...thanks for sharing with us....

Thanks Lynn!

Patty from Virginia
07/07/15 09:43:10PM @patty-from-virginia:

LInda, Absolutely beautiful. Nice to see you posting videos.

Thanks Patty.

Linda Jo brockinton
07/07/15 09:22:52PM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Caleb thanks so much   Have a great evening.