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Tune 02

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:06:19
old time dulcimer
Randy Adams
01/08/23 08:49:38AM @randy-adams:

Take drones off Lisa play a tune. 

01/08/23 08:24:58AM @strumelia:

I'd be interested in hearing more precisely about what 'extraneous noise' you are hearing or trying to remove from your playing, Randy.

Randy Adams
01/07/23 08:38:06PM @randy-adams:

Original intent of single string dulcimer was to become better noter player remove extraneous noise from playing. I had higher hopes/expectations of removing more bad noise than I have. But...I'm tired of it for now. : )

Thanks for watching my precious friends.

A wonderful thing this noter journey I'm on new things to work on. 

Robin Thompson
01/07/23 08:57:55AM @robin-thompson:

This is helpful for noter players, especially. . . I commented on YT.  

Ken Longfield
01/06/23 11:43:07PM @ken-longfield:

That's a catchy tune Randy. Thanks for sharing.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Dusty Turtle
01/06/23 09:41:22PM @dusty:

Maybe instead of "Tune 02" you can call this "Sliming Some Glory" or "I Drooled on My Dulcimer."  And your next album can be "Tunes to Break Vows By" or maybe "That's the Way it Is, Sometimes." All good titles in my mind.

I have to express my preference for the 3-string version.  The drones add a drive or power that is absent in the melody only version.