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@susie • one month ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "McCafferty Dulcimer, #687, as new condition":
"Gorgeous! I already have enough dulcimers and really can't justify another. This one is going to make someone very happy. Hope it makes its way to a new home..."
@susie • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "McSpadden Ginger Walnut Top 2019 for sale":
"Looks like it is dated August 2019.  From the McSpadden website: "The McSpaddens sold the business to Jim and Betty Woods in 2001. The Woods sold the..."
@susie • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Folk Instruments?":
"Reminds me of of a joke. A violinist changes their strings, while a fiddler changes their strangs!"
@susie • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "New Knopf Dulcimers website!":
"Nice looking site, John!"

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02/27/24 09:46:12AM @marg:


I saw the post from 8 years ago, I was wondering if you still had your Lazenby dulcimer? 

11/22/22 08:41:39AM @rickanderson28031:


It's a small world. I have lived in RI for 17 years, before that Charlotte, NC for 15. I was born in Grosse Pt. Grew up in Bloomfield Hills. My parents had a summer home on Torch Lake just north of Alden. I have not been back in years. Hope all is well in that part of Michigan.



Travis Childers
11/04/22 08:53:30PM @travis-childers:

Thank you very much. It's my pleasure to be here.

02/21/19 05:34:06PM @tutaine:

Hi, Susie.

Thank you for looking into this for me. I really appreciate it. 

I had some success using two chopsticks on a table as a possum board, but that proved unstable in the long run. : > 

But the experiment did give me the idea of glueing sticks to a board with spaces to nest  a dulcimer. Lack of funds is the mother of all inventions.


Leila Maier
02/21/19 05:27:16PM @leila-maier:

Hey @susie I have not been poking around in a loooooong time. I didn't think much was happening here any more? You keeping up here??

02/21/19 12:28:05AM @tutaine:

Hi, Susie.

I'm looking for a possum board for my Folkroots dulcimer. You mentioned you bought one from a  Jim VanderWoude. I haven't been able to find him. Do you have his contact information that you may pass to me?



Gordon Hardy
12/14/15 04:21:35PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello Susie, I posted this message on your photo of the Keweenaw peninsula, don't know whether you saw that post or not, but here it is again: I couldn't help but notice the place where this photo was taken. Are you familiar with the song written by Craig Johnson called Keweenaw Light?  I think the song is absolutely beautiful and plays out well on a dulcimer. Unfortunately because it is copyright, it can't be posted on FOTMD, however I have posted my rendition on youtube and here is a link THE KEWEENAW LIGHT dulcimer cover I have made a melody/drone tab, and can post it on your wall if you like. I have never been to the Keweenaw Peninsula, but it seemed such a coincidence having a song that refers to this place. Best regards

Dusty Turtle
11/14/15 11:52:49PM @dusty:

Susie, thanks for your question on the Eedy Beede dulcimer. It is a charming little work of art and is definitely not a kid's toy but a real instrument. I play it far more than my daughter does.  It is very easy to travel with due to its size, but it cannot really function as a replacement for a standard dulcimer because you really only have one octave to play with.  The frets above the octave are so small as to be unusable.  If you want to be able to replace your standard dulcimer with a travel dulcimer, something the size of McSpadden's Ginger or Ron Ewing's baritone dulcimette are probably better options.  Check out the Little Dulcimers List I put together for comparisons of the most well know little dulcimer models out there.

Robin Clark
01/19/14 01:25:16PM @robin-clark:

43_members.jpg?width=530 Hi Susie,

I took my dulcimer in a hard case on one overnight trip into Sandwood Bay on the north west coast of Scotland - it was about a 6 mile walk in from what I remember. I had some trailer straps in my van so I just wrapped those around the hard case and over my shoulders. I didn't have asoft case (gig bag)with me on that trip or I would have used one of those.

When I've taken a dulcimer into the mountains on trips I've used a soft case but put the instrument inside a plastic bag inside the case. I've beencaught out in some pretty wet weather in the mountains and my gig bag has been soaked through- hence the need for the plastic bag inside the case.

Jan Potts
12/08/13 04:23:32AM @jan-potts:

Hi Susie! You have an interesting --and broad--music background! I grew up in Midland, but wasn't involved in dulcimers back then. I have family up near Mary M. in Traverse City. That's quite an RV you have--maybe you'll make it down to Kentucky for some events. The Cumberland Gap Gathering at the National Park Campground (actually in TN) is in mid-may and folks camp there for WEEKS, jamming and having informal teaching and lots of fellowship and great food. Since you enjoy playing a variety of instruments, you would probably like Kentucky Music Week in June--lots of folks camp at that, too.

Leila Maier
07/05/13 04:29:13AM @leila-maier:

Looking forward to seeing you too Susie! Seems like ages.

Mary Z. Cox
11/14/12 08:54:14AM @mary-z-cox:

When is your Clemmer supposed to be ready? I ordered one a couple months back and it is supposed to be ready in December. I'm very excited. It will be wormy chestnut and walnut. :)

Best wishes,

Mary Z Cox

Leila Maier
07/08/12 08:57:58PM @leila-maier:

Yes, Susie, I hope next year for sure! Is Gary not going to be with you?? BTW - I see you have arranged some JD songs for the dulcimer ... I LOVE JD ... which ones? ~ Lei

Doug Berch
06/13/12 11:44:20PM @doug-berch:

Thanks for saying howdy! I'm not on here much so I'm glad i caught your message. Hope to see you sometime this Summer!

Bing Futch
06/13/12 02:32:35PM @bing-futch:

Hi Susie, thanks! Glad to have been able to help; no uke videos yet - but soon. : )

Carla Maxwell
04/30/12 02:18:48AM @carla-maxwell:

Hi Susie, Yes, the pup in my profile photo is a silver-beige toy poodle. It's good to know another fan of the s-b poodle! Grin.gif Your dog pics are beautiful!

Jeannie in Paradise
04/04/12 11:39:40AM @jeannie-in-paradise:

Truthfully, I haven't been thinking of the Sweetie much lately, as I'm awaiting knee surgery and in considerable discomfort and frequent pain. I just want to get past April 12th, date of surgery to repair my torn meniscus!

Jeannie in Paradise
04/03/12 06:56:13PM @jeannie-in-paradise:

Mike says it's scheduled for completion on May 1st, so I'm guessing I'll have it around the 7th or so!

Leila Maier
03/18/12 05:41:56PM @leila-maier:

Hey Susie - good to hear from you! We are looking into Evart. Hubby doesn't want to stay at the same campground as last year ... looking into it!!

Leila Maier
02/21/12 06:03:09AM @leila-maier:

Just popping in to wave hello! How are things up north?

Hugs ~ Lei