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"The Streets Of Laredo" , or "The Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime"

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Duration: 00:01:36
"The Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime", a 'role reversal' variation on an 18th c English street Ballad, concerning the death and ceremonial burial of a soldier/girl attributed to 'something shared' ! Played here noter drone , more or less as I used to sing it whilst a conscript years ago ! (Could'nt possibly sing the words we used tho'!) Mean tone dulcimer tuned CFc.
John Henry
04/04/12 09:11:00AM @john-henry:

Should anyone be interested, 7.gif I have posted a few thoughts on 'meantone temperament' as a blog 26.gif , nothing too heavy 18.gif !!!


John Keane
04/03/12 08:14:22PM @john-keane:

I love how you did this...just really fine!

John Henry
04/03/12 04:58:57AM @john-henry:

Glad to have been of assistance Glynda, thank you for listening!


Glynda Willis
04/02/12 11:47:58AM @glynda-willis:

Great Playing of a great old tune. My father-in-law's favorite. Makes me really miss him.

John Henry
04/02/12 07:39:30AM @john-henry:

Robin C ! I knew that I should not have listened to that Mandy, show yer 'ed indeed !! Thanks for watching !


John Henry
04/02/12 07:20:17AM @john-henry:

Some good links there Jeremy, I purchased my Penguin Book of English Folk Songs late 1973 ! I agree with your surmise about something other than jailhouse being used in some versions. As an aside, I also favour an explaination (other than the commonly perceived) of what 'Soldiers Joy' might refer to, it could quite well have had a link with a soldier who has been 'disordered' by a women ?


John Henry
04/02/12 06:44:44AM @john-henry:

Randy,thanks for listening ! I agree 'Laredo' has been done to death, I was really fishing around in my head for something easy to post on 'the playing by ear' thread thats been floating around here. And then I forgot to link it! Old age, 'yu know ! As for the fretting, send me a PM including your VSL, be my pleasure to pass it on, tho' I reckon you hit some of those 'sweet' spots when you play your fretless?


John Henry
04/02/12 06:29:34AM @john-henry:

Dusty, I appreciate your comment, thank you! As for the lyrics, I do not know if you have ever been in any of what we fondly call 'the services'. To share a barrack room with a dozen or so disguntled squaddies who share common thoughts about their food, training, and NCO's opens the mind to a whole new range of expressive comment, which whilst seemingly relevant at the time, does not bear repeating now. For me the irony is that we expressed our frustrations to this tune never knowing that it had been an army based song since the end of the 18th c !!!


John Henry
04/02/12 06:17:13AM @john-henry:

Rick, Brian, Carrie, Dave Wayne and Sam. The fact that someone bothers to comment (good or bad) means a lot to me, as I suspect it does to many others who post tunes here. For a great many years I played almost in isolation, tho' laterly I have had the privilige of sharing music space with some great players. I only wish that the internet had been available to me when I first started ! Who knows where I might be now, lol.

thank you


John Henry
04/02/12 06:08:17AM @john-henry:

Hi Steph, still have'nt worked out if you stay up late or get up early! Thank you for your kind comment, which suits the tune entirely, 'cos when I try to play something that should really be sung, then that is what I do in my head (you've heard my voice so you know why 'in the head' !!!) As for the instrument 'lamenting', could well be that it would like to be played in a different fashion, mean tone fretting really sounds good when chorded ! Memo. must play something a bit more upbeat for the Geekling !

best wishes


Rick Kennedy
04/02/12 02:20:49AM @rick-kennedy:

As usual, John, I enjoy your playing and song selection!

Brian G.
04/01/12 09:24:33PM @brian-g:

Very nice John Henry. I enjoyed it. :)

Randy Adams
04/01/12 09:19:23PM @randy-adams:

Say John'd you go about determining where to put the frets for the mean tone scale?...if you don't mind my asking....

Dusty Turtle
04/01/12 12:22:55PM @dusty-turtle:

Others have already commented on the expressive, lyrical touch you have on the dulcimer, John. That's very nice. I think a lot of beginners would do well to study your right hand to learn how to play a slow ballad that stresses the melody but also keeps a steady rhythm. Great job! Now you've got me wondering about the lyrics. (Perhaps you could post them as an attachment with a warning about their content.)

Randy Adams
04/01/12 12:06:00PM @randy-adams:

That is so pretty John Henry. You play with expression...conveying emotion & passion. I read the title and thought oh no, not that tired old tune...yeah right...what a beautiful melody the way you play it. I also want to hear the naughty words....f'real.....

04/01/12 06:32:27AM @sam:

Morning John Henry;

You did that really well and I think that CFc tuning was a good choice. I'm learning that I can 'get by' in DAA on some tunes but I will have to look to others to get the sound I want. I'm looking forward to that and when folks like you put up videos with those tunings it's a great help. Thanx!

Robin Clark
04/01/12 03:02:07AM @robin-clark:

You bare a remarkable resemblance to Marty Robbins - just need the hat 24.gif

Either that or it is far too early on a Sunday morning to be recording videos - and watching them!!!!!

Nice one John - it is good to see slow ballads performed with a noter. It is something that I've just started to explore myself, so I know just how difficult it is. You have a lovely lyrical touch there! You'll have to post the 'conscript' words sometime!

Must dash - I left my van outside the pub last night and need to cycle into town to retrive it - nothing like a bit of exercise when you have a hangover - OUCH 66.gif